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Anca Stefanescu

London, United Kingdom

"My paintings are not about our physicality. They are the tangible representation of my most intense feelings."
Anca Stefanescu’s metaphorical and figurative paintings, explore the notion of identity and the settings that compose the texture of life in contrast with the concept of time and space in metaphysical interpretation. “When I close my eyes, time or space do not exist, they are mere concepts….and when I open them I validate the world I am perceiving as the frame of reference to what I wish to create and experience through my own emotions”.

Working in acrylic and oil on canvas, she presents the human body in partially abstract compositions, creating geometric patterns and forms to flattening out the space. “I like to envision exhibits not as a succession of fragments of what we recognise from reality, but as triggers to look inward into the world of thoughts and ideas from where all the creation springs.”
Wescover creator since 2020

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