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Anastasiia Maslakova - Paintings and Art
Anastasiia Maslakova
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Anastasiia Maslakova

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Anastasiia was born in Yekaterinburg. Due to the wide popularity of her talent, she often travels through the cities of Russia and Europe, creating her masterpieces where they will remain forever. Her work finds response in many hearts. A lot of works are in private collections, houses, and art spaces.

Since 2014, Anastasiia has been a welcome participant in festivals, charity events, marathons of arts. Her paintings can be seen in the business halls of Moscow and Yekaterinburg. They are perfectly suited for both business space and the comfort of a house or apartment.
Anastasiia’s artworks breathe life and expression. They vividly reflect the beauty of the world, internal and external. It is a reflection of the impression of time, moment, movement, gesture. Despite the fact that most of the pictures are figurative, their inner essence is in the process of creation.

"Starting to create a picture, I do not go to the result, I trust the material, cooperate, go on the occasion, depend and surrender myself to the process and it leads me. My painting is spontaneous, in the dialogue with the material, I obey or resist, but I find a form that is born in the process. The state of the moment is obtained. I rest by creating a non-objective painting. I alternate objective and non-objective painting. Complex pictorial art, different tones, I approach the work several times. The painting is waiting to reveal itself. It is multilayered, mellowed and matured like a good wine "