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Anastasia Faiella - Paintings and Art
Anastasia Faiella
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Anastasia Faiella

San Francisco, CA

My artwork is informed by my experience as a dancer, (my formative years from ages 6-19). As a dancer, I was constantly striving to make my body communicate better, move better and to confront my body and its limitations every day. Similarly, my work as a visual artist works with and against the limits of the medium: when does paint resist my own gesture and intention? When might words fail to communicate? Through dance, I realized that I needed discipline and structure to continue to press against the challenges of the body. My artistic practice continues this method of rigor and repetition and exacting hard work in order to work beyond what I know.

As a traveler, I’ve drawn inspiration from many places. In the Cote d’Azur, the light and color infused my palette. The Picasso museum allowed me to see how his work is of a place, embedded in, and representing, the textures and qualities of life in that space. My time in Barcelona immersed me in the fullness of colors, textures, and the musicality of language.

Currently, I’ve been working in the interior design industry, which evolved into my own design firm. What excites me is working with materials: there are so many textures and colors that go into making the perfect environment. I love the potential of space… not just a space, but creating that space into a home, a home for the client to enjoy and relax in.

Among my artistic inspirations is the work of Pipoletti Rist who gracefully navigates so many different media: fabric, painting, video, performance, scale, sound. I was recently impressed by the Christopher Wool show at The Chicago Art Institute and Marina Abramovic has continued to be a touchstone for me, with her intensity and elaboration on bodily/emotional presence.