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Anaïs Cacot Froissart

Anaïs Cacot Froissart

Paris, France

"I want the painting to be meaningfull for the whole body, that it resonates with the work, that it is transfigured. I want the brushstrokes to be in flux, to pulsate, to be given the energy that conveys matter. I want to put into the paint the fleeting beauty and the vibrant presence of nature so that there the wonder remains"
Anaïs Cacot Froissart was born in 1986 in Paris, in a family where beauty and words counted.

She finds her way in painting, which she practices in a self-taught and instinctive way. Nothing is calculated, everything is felt.

In love with nature, she contemplates. In love with music, she listens. In love with words, she reads and writes.

She is inspired by the beautiful silencer who surrounds her and loves the primitive arts and the abstract art he reveals the poetry of the material.

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