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Amy Nelder - Street Murals and Public Art
Amy Nelder
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Amy Nelder

San Francisco, CA

"Amy Nelder has been selling her fine art for over 10 years. Her Mythic Realism paintings reveal happy, bright, magical urban scenes of world cities from San Francisco to Paris to New York, but her latest ""Pop Trompe L'oeil"" style brings the traditional still life to a scrumptious new level. She is also well-known throughout San Francisco for her mural work that graces such sites as the Chinese Charity Cultural Services Center in Chinatown, San Francisco Board of Education Executive Administration Building, the State of California Family Support Bureau, and the District Attorney’s Victim Services Center.

Amy is a San Francisco treat and well-known talent who has appeared regularly in local newspapers as well as local and national television programs. Both Amy and her work, as a fine artist and former forensic sketch artist for the San Francisco Police Department, have been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Examiner, Evening Magazine on KPIX, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Art Business News and all local news stations."