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Amy Fogg Art

Destin, FL

"Coastal, Christian & Abstract Mixed Media Art"
Mixed media artist Amy Fogg has been an artist/educator for over 20 years. Fifteen years ago, Amy moved from the bayous of Louisiana to the emerald coast beaches of Florida where she raised her family. Her collections include a variety of subjects, all seeding deep portrayal of faith and reflection of her life journey guided by God. Amys popular Coastal Oyster Collection began while she was struggling with a life changing event. She identified with the oyster & their symbol of renewal & new life which is reflected in Psalm 18:4-6. Another series that the southern community has taken on is her Changing Seasons Abstract Series. The creation of this series began after life failed to give her what she expected of it. Turning to God with Isaiah 66:9 as her inspiration, gave way for a series of vibrant, textural mixed media abstracts. Working with interior designers and local gallery and shop owners is something that Amy enjoys because of the hands on collaboration with business
owners. She is in the process of a new series of coastal land & water scapes.
Wescover creator since 2020

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