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Valencia, Spain


Amboan was born in 1984, within a family with a wide and recognized artisan tradition, and has the ambition to integrate fully into the classic, contemporary and modern interior design adapted to today’s needs, presenting itself as a designer and producer of luxury furniture.
The furniture of classic style, adapted to the needs of today. For this, he believes necessary, not only to flatter the fantasy but to make a strict interpretation of the past styles, as well as to have a methodical care in the elaboration of his pieces and collections, respecting the artisan procedures and using noble and traditional woods.
This concept of fidelity to classical forms, together with a spirit of daily improvement, has made Amboan’s name sound ever more strongly and with its own identity inside and outside our borders. A concept that aims to achieve the most precious award for us, the complete satisfaction of our customers.


In Amboan we rely on our highly demanding Quality Control Department which makes sure that every product leaving our factory does it in a solid, reliable and qualitative way.
Besides, after production, in order to protect our pieces from bumps as much as possible, we ship our furniture in heavy wooden boxes to avoid any possible problem such as hits, scratches or tears. That is why only around 1% of our products could have any kind of problem.
Our furniture is provided with the best and highest quality finishes, since we believe this to be an essential part of the product, having a perfect, flawless look.
Amboan has a manufacturing style which puts together craftmanship on one side along with the most modern and innovating methods for furniture production.
That is why we count on the most necessary and reliable tools to create our pieces and achieve the maximum detail to provide to the customer the highest quality possible product.
Amboan Design Department has a leading-edge technology computer equipment which allows to tackle the design in a fluent way.
It counts with a graphic Tablet and two high-resolution screens to maximize productivity. Thanks to which, our DD can provide renders, photorealistic images in 3 dimensions which are the ideal way to picture how our luxury furniture would look like in its many possible different finishes and how they fit with the rest of the pieces in the room.


Amboan counts with a widespread international presence. The Company has a business in several countries, among them: United Kingdom, U.S.A., Arabic Countries, Russia, China, France, Poland, Italy, Nigeria, Mexico, Perú, Panamá, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India, Switzerland, Germany, Georgia, Morocco and more European countries. The involvement of the Company, both physically and not physically, has to be remarked with visits and scheduled trips to clients, showrooms, fairs and exhibitions.
The success of the collections lies in the details: in the methodical care in the preparation of the pieces, in their exquisite design, in their finished care, and in the originality of the decorative complements added to the design. In addition to the collections for private residences, Amboan has made contract projects for hotels such as the Marriot Hotel in Denia, the Disney Hotel in Tokyo, the Barceló Hotel in Sancti Petri or the Gran Hotel Velázquez in Madrid, all of them of recognized prestige at the international.
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