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Amanda Medak Ceramics

Los Angeles, CA

I believe that we are the sum of what we have lived and everything that we create echoes the winding story of our journey and all that has crossed our path while on it. Welcome to my story.
I was born in Los Angeles but moved to the redwoods of
the Santa Cruz mountains when I was 1. My father worked in medical science and
my mother was a horse trainer and artist. This provided me doorways into two
vastly different worlds. My childhood was filled with the wild magic of nature
tempered with a scientists’ desire for logic and order. Drawing from both, I
developed a deep appreciation for color, symmetry and pattern and found myself
drawn to the arts as a way to communicate my experiences. As I grew older, art
and design became more and more a part of the fabric of my being and I enjoyed
careers working as an illustrator, painter, graphic artist, and costume
After many adventures I
moved back to Los Angeles where I found myself searching for another creative
outlet, something to ground me. I fell in love with the work of a few local Los
Angeles ceramists’ and was inspired to sign up for pottery classes. It turned
out to be what I had been searching for.. Pottery is a return to the bridge
between my two childhood worlds. It is the intertwining of nature and science
in the name of art.. It is color, texture, and pattern anchored in the very
earth we inhabit. It is beautiful.
Wescover creator since 2020

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