Amakaik Patagonia ceramics - Cups and Tableware
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Amakaik Patagonia ceramics

Amakaik Patagonia ceramics

Coyhaique, Chile

"the one that has fire and life"
Amakaik patagonia ceramics, property of Jeannett Fontecha, creative artist.
Pieces of art made by hand, without lathe or molds, made with local clays from General Carrera Lake, Chilean Patagonia, Aysen region, to obtain decorative and utilitarian objects of excellent quality and originals with a seal of local identity.
The name Amakaik is taken from the Tehuelche language (native people of Patagonia), which in feminine means "the one that has fire and life" that symbolize the energy and love that each piece carries. My source of inspiration is Patagonia, land of tireless landscapes full of colors and textures. Its flora and fauna, its people of simple life and tempered by the climate and geography of this unique region.

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