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Alyssa Morgan

Alyssa Morgan

San Francisco, CA

"Alyssa Morgan has been an artist all of her life. Growing up in Southern California, she started painting murals at age 12. After spending time in Portland, Oregon, Morgan moved to the Bay Area about 4 years ago, moving to San Francisco, where she resides with her daughters Quincy and Ava.

In addition to painting murals, Morgan also has a passion for other kinds of artistic expressions, including pregnant belly casting, tree sculpture installations, paintings on canvas, and mixed media on canvas. Morgan feels extremely lucky to be able to have made her passion into a profession. She feels like she learns so much about life from her work. It is an additional privilege for her to be able to work with students and make a difference in her community.

Morgan feels that art is a priority. Her household reflects that through a piano, a guitar, and endless artworks all around her house. She tries to provide a stimulating and fun environment for raising her two daughters, who both paint and create music.

Morgan's philosophy is that life is what you make it. She chooses to make her life fun and beautiful, trying to influence her daughters to do the same."

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