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Ally Jade - Paintings and Art
Ally Jade
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Ally Jade

Sydney, Australia

I grew up in the valleys of Northern New South Wales but now call Pyrmont home. I was first introduced and nurtured into art and creativity by my mother and aunt. As a child I was constantly drawing, almost compulsively, on every available surface. It was when I felt most connected and ‘at home’.I have a restless and inquisitive spirit, and always seemed to be on some sort of adventure. I have endured and embraced many ups and downs in my life thus far, including going to prison and rehab, and defining moments, such as exhibiting in a state parliament house, but the one constant has always been my art.
I use it as a tool to express my pain, sorrow, joy and the things that don’t have words.
During the 14 months in prison I went back to my compulsive drawing, daily, and I believe it kept me sane, drug free and alive. It reignited my love for art that had been there all along. I now have the privilege of being able to work with young people and use some of my experience to support them.
My work reflects some parts of my journey, struggles faced in recovery, some of my adventures, some of the stories of the wonderful people I have met along the way. I love to use bright colours, making a visual impact but always retaining a story, a message, an interpretation of humanity to bring home for the viewer.
My work has a mix of acrylic ink, paint, illustration, decoupage, and my style is always evolving and changing.
My dream now is to give back to the wonderful people and organisations that helped me on my recovery journey. I want to advocate for women and families who have been affected by domestic violence, addiction and the criminal justice system. I want to be a voice for them and have that reflected in my art. I hope to continue making colourful, meaningful artworks and sharing my story with the world.