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Allen Bunker

North Reading, MA

"Landscape Allusions"
Allen Bunker is a licensed construction supervisor and owner of a construction company since graduation from trade school in 1977. In the 80’s, while vacationing on Cape Cod Massachusetts and Boothbay Harbor, Maine, he started painting to relieve stress. He paints in oil. In 2007 with his wife Priscilla, they decided to move into their vacation house in Boothbay Harbor, Maine full time. They opened a gallery downtown to sell other artists work. Allen thought, ‘why not try to sell some of my own work,’ so he put out a small painting on the wall and it sold. This was a real kick for him, to have someone from some far away place buy one of his paintings. So he hung more. After a few years he was selling more than all of the other 40 gallery artists combined.

Allen calls his paintings Landscape Allusions as they are more about the feeling from the landscape rather than an accurate depiction. His work is influenced by his time on the water in Boothbay Harbor and at his camp on Boyd Lake in Orneville Township Maine, exactly in the center of the state.

Thank you for your interest.

Allen Bunker’s work can be seen at

Portland Art Gallery 207-772-3373
154 Middle Street
Portland ME
Wescover creator since 2020

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