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Allan Packer Studio

Seattle, WA

"Through several distinct series, my work spirals back upon itself, restating and questioning structural devices and themes that borrow from nineteenth-century physics, twentieth-century popular culture and twenty-first-century space exploration, as well as from systems applied in mathematics and taxonomies.

Employing production techniques from theatre and industry, my sculptures are fabricated from an assembly of multiple –purposefully dissimilar — components. Using strategic optical illusion, planned maneuvering of materials and a subterfuge of textures, I endeavor to agitate the psychological dimensions of a viewer’s understandings, attempting to change the general assumptions commonly (and unquestioningly) assigned as obvious referents, characteristics, symbols and spirits of various images and assorted matter. In short, I provide an opportunity for unsettling knowledge — and, thereby, changing the world each one of us presumes to know."
Wescover creator since 2018

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