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Gold Coast, Australia

"My work is organic, rustic, imperfect & eclectic....."
Born in NZ...was an equestrian rider. Trained to be a nurse, worked, explored the world, then moved to Australia.
Lived in Melbourne for 2 years and worked in a Neurosurgical & Plastics ward, then moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland. Nursed in a Neurosurgical & Vascular ward and in total worked for 29 yrs as a nurse.
Met my husband (Aussie), got married in a lilac silk gown & lilac veil with just our parents at our wedding.
Developed cardiac issues and 10 yrs later was diagnosed with rare heart disease.
I was put in the "too hard" after months of digging around and multiple specialists, researching I found want needed to be done to get my answer. When I was given my diagnosis I was so thrilled I cried and then I thought...hang on it's not great. But it is what it is as I looked after people with brain tumors who had weeks to live so who am I to complain...
This meant STOP my career, Don't exercise, No stress & a ton of medications, and stays in Coronary Care.
When I was told to stop nursing I was somewhat lost...Pottery and Shaving my head were always on my bucket list so I did them.
I have always been crafty. My daughter encouraged me to open an Instagram account and so she set it up and it's been non-stop since then.
I only do this as a hobby, NO website, and sell via Instagram or Facebook.
My heart dictates what I do on a daily basis.
I have had my pieces flown OS for a photoshoot in the Zion Desert. I have been flown to Vanuatu to conduct workshops at Havannah Boat House. Sent to stylists across the world & been in many shops all over the world. I love doing collaborations... it's just an awesome & uplifting feeling.
I have started teaching which I love.
Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of having a huge workspace...I have converted an outdoor area where people can view my work and also teach classes under a tent in my front yard.
I love that I have inspired so many people, u can have a debilitating disease or u can choose to make the most of it.
The next step is to write a book. I would love to combine my pottery, my story (I always include my ED & hospital stay photos & not for sympathy but to make people away of the health)
So I need an author...someone to write my story. I get so many messages of inspiration and it's such an amazing feeling...if I can help people thru my story then I want to tell it.
So that is me in a nutshell.
I have an amazing husband, & one daughter who is 18 & currently studying nursing at uni & taking after her parents.
My work isn't for everyone & I am amazed its reached shops in St Tropez.
I make all my work on my kitchen bench. I truly hope you're inspired by my story.
I give talks at the hospital I used to work in to educate people about my rare heart condition and to encourage people not to give up.
Hope you enjoy what I do. Sandra xx
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