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Ali Beletic

Ali Beletic

Los Angeles, CA

"The colorful explosion of modern neon colors and primitive forms in Neon Primitivism is a natural extension of both Ali’s primitivist ideology and her commitment to rock n roll. This new series celebrates the canvas and painting as a form with the power to transfer primitivism, sensuality and emotion to a space in a modern return to Ab Ex style, mixing the ultra mattes of Mexican folk art with earthy clays, and vibrant charcoals and oils, and pointing to forms that enlight the viewer towards the multiple directions of cave paintings, the new york school, ceremonial body paints, line work, weathered artifacts, Charles Olsen’s Archaic Post Modern and pop art."
"Ali Beletic is a rebel with a cause, a modern-day version of James Dean who is no longer willing to play by the regular rules of engagement. Instead, she was going to do things her own way.... A rebel who just might become a living legend alongside Patti Smith, P.J. Harvey, and Dan Auerbach." - The Revue

"She is best known for her work as an installation artist. She creates symbolic art stunts as expansive as setting up mahogany and glass Judd-like sculptural pools in remote deserts, throwing parties with drummers hidden throughout the backcountry, and illuminating an entire boulder field you can hike through. Needless to say, she has an eye for provocative imagery, and apparently her senses are fluid because she has an ear for the provocative as well. The sense of roaming, exploration, and wanderlust in her visual components transfer to her music. " - Stereogum
Her latest project is a new pop-art music project launching in September of 2020, titled Alivenique, where she weaves her global and anthropological inspirations from her first record into a hyper-moder neon infused dance pop music aimed at celebration and rebellion. You can follow along that story at

Her artwork includes creating and hosting large scale experiential installations, Vanguard Parties, Earth Art Ceremonies and Environments as well as traditional gallery shows - all intending to create evocative experiences for the modern art community to have access to rock n roll, ancient emotions, latent instincts and 360 degree sensual experiences.

In 2016, she released her debut record, Legends of These Lands Left to Live, which New York Magazine’s the Cut noted “has been uncommonly well-received by critics, at least one of whom compared her to James Dean (among a host of living rock legends)." NPR compared her music to Patti Smith and Cat Power, while Vice compared her music to early Dylan. The Guardian included her in their artists to watch in 2016 and New York Magazine’s the cut called her ‘the real deal’. It was also celebrated by writers from Stereogum, The Revue, LA Weekly, Impose and Consequence of Sound.

She is currently working on a new series of Environments for the Pacific Ocean as well as her new sculpture project Modern Objects for Primitive Living. Her work has been featured by several Los Angeles and New York Galleries including Tappan, the Soho House, JTHAR, Boxo Projects, Human Gallery New York, The Painting Center (New York), as well as a part of the collections at Casa Shelter Half, and The Surfrider Malibu.

She has been featured on NPR, Vice/Noisey, New York Magazine's The Cut, Ignant, Stereogum, Impose, Aquarium Drunkard, as well as the cover feature of La Motocyclette (New York) debuting over at MOCA Los Angeles. Her work has also been featured in Ignant, Vogue Paris, Iron & Air, Tiny Atlas, Best Magazine, Paper Sea (Australia), Anyone Girl (New Zealand), My Chameleon (France), La Mignonette (France), Velvet Dust, Hullabaloo, The Revue, Consequence of Sound, Range Magazine, LVL3, Cicada Wheels, Secretly Important, Of the Wolves, WTF Digital, SF Girl by Bay Glamour Magazine and Goop. She was included in Domaine Home's and rapidly emerging artists to watch.

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