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Alexandra Arata


Alexandra holds a Masters in Interior Architecture and Design from Salamanca University, Spain. Born in Argentina, she moved to Washington, DC in 2002. She drew and painted her entire life, and when in DC, she continued her art education at Glen Echo and the Corcoran School of Art. She participated in many art exhibitions locally and abroad, and her works art part

of private collections in U.S., Spain, Argentina, Andorra, Germany, Uruguay, Britain and Peru. One of her paintings hangs in a White House office and at the International Monetary Fund.

​Alexandra explores the impact that colors produce in our lives, how they can change our mood, affect our psychology, and even produce a physical reaction. Her architectural design background shows through her series of wall sculptures, where she expresses a desire to build, arrange objects, and play with different materials, mediums, shapes and colors. She mostly chooses wood, a natural material, inspired by her experience as a builder.

Assembling these pieces require a very intimate process that starts with applying color on each individual wood to build installations full of color, texture and dynamism. A notion of spatial relationship with the object and her surroundings is shown in her installations. She builds with a very planned, meticulous process, where repetition and certain symmetry take her to a meditative space.

Her paintings are more experimental, a cathartic form of expressing passion and moods. Tied more to a feeling of the moment, rather than an attachment to a particular outcome, painting is a freeing process, as she pours the painting and feelings onto the canvas. Her abstractions have a common thread: a reflection of life itself, full of light and shadows, rhythm and patterns, and the duality of every experience.

Alexandra’s goal is to give an optimistic view of the future with attitude, audacity and strength. Alexandra wants to add color to our days in a symbolic and metaphorical sense; she reaches out to the viewer to connect trough color and passion.
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