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Alex Palecko

Alex Palecko

San Francisco, CA

Alex Palecko's projects thread the design elements from his architecture background with fabrication processes culled from his extensive apprenticeship with a master woodworker. This combination makes for a unique approach. Alex been known to design and build everything from modern shelves and Victorian stairwells to high-end conference tables, working out of his small shop in San Francisco’s Sunset District.

He received his bachelor of architecture from California College of the Arts in 2007. Working on design/build projects and interning at Studio Under Manufacture directed his interest toward executing complex design problems through the use of computer aided architectural design paired with computer numerical controlled machines. Mastery of the tools at hand shows itself in the completed job, whether that tool is AutoCAD or a band saw.

His goal after achieving a solid foundation in digital architecture was to learn how to build ambitious designs with skilled hands. Alex achieved this goal, completing a two-year apprenticing intensive under Dennis Hodges at DK Designs.

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