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Alessandro Masera

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

"Plaster and concrete paint"
A_masera (Alessandro Masera) ENG
Born in Piacenza in July 1976 for a long time impassioned of every type of artistic form, it draws near to the painting not yet adult up to the period in which it frequents the faculty of architecture near the polytechnic in Milan.
Reached the awareness that the rigidity progettuale doesn't allow to satisfy the desire to experiment and to make a will materials and innovative forms abandons the Polytechnic to graduate in Communication and Marketing.
Lover of every type of visual communication, artistic, acoustics etc... it creates a series of photographic album that contains, revisit in key fluo, pop, all the emotions and the feelings tried in the long trips done during the years.
Among these we quote "splinter" that it contains different instants from them as the emotions that arouse different releases among them legacies to feelings as the anger, the serenity, sadness and joy and the album "the walk" that it tells the trip through first floors of shoes or feet, firm or in movement: instants and styles coming from 4 different continents.
The return to the first passion, the painting, goes up again to 2015 but not in traditional way. Masera brings in his own works all of his experience and the desire to experiment in his works elements with different consistencies to make near more and more to the reality the images and the feelings that provoke.
The use of materials as I plaster, Venetian plaster, quartz paintings on wood base make the works of this artist that it doesn't skip the passion for the pop art introducing elements as the glitter to underline only, for instance reflected of sun in the oceanic backwash.
The particularity of the works of A_masera (Alessandro Masera) is really in the fact to have succeeded in bringing, with actuality, the use of materials as the plaster, in the works that he realizes. As in 600 the great teachers painted on plaster, today Masera uses the plaster to realize alive works, true.
Works that stir living to the variation of the light that it caresses her.
Works that only you can fully be appreciated live, vibrating works of which the stillness of a camera doesn't succeed in gathering the true soul.
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