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Alejandra Sieder

Alejandra Sieder

Sydney, Australia

"Listening what the universe tells, gives me the possibility to understand the flow of transcendence." Alejandra Sieder."
Venezuelan-Spanish artist currently living and working in Sydney, Australia. Sieder´s paintings are an abstract interpretation of her personal perception of the world around and an exploration into the introspective self.

Expressing Consciousness.
Given that her paintings are an exploration of consciousness and interiority, each work is different as it expresses a different mental process. While some pieces feel sombre and almost claustrophobic others are far softer and lighter, transmitting an atmosphere of hopefulness. Sieder's work centres on the analysis of the human condition and how we respond to the situations we are confronted with.

Subjectivity and Materiality.
All Sieder´s works start as personal subjective pieces, but once in the public realm move farther away from the personal and psychological, given the non-objective nature of abstraction. She uses an innovative range of materials in her pieces, such as oil, acrylic, sand, ink, iron shavings and resin. These materials add an impasto physicality to the canvas that brings a new dimension and mimic her underlying emotional process.

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