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Alarwool - Rugs and Rugs & Textiles
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Burgos, Spain

Alarwool is a family business with more than 60 years of experience in the textile industry. Its origins date back to 1950 in Alar del Rey, a small town in the Spanish province of Palencia, where the main economic engine was agriculture and sheep farming.

That was when Don Pedro Cubero bought the only local industry, a textile spinning facility that belonged to the Count of Mansilla and which employed most of the area's population. Spinning at the heart of Tierra de Campos, where there were more than a million head of sheep, guaranteed the best raw material for its yarn.

Today Alarwool is still a family-owned and operated company, run by the same family that founded it and its principal activity is still the manufacture of custom woven wool rich carpets.

At present it not only works with local raw materials but also selects the best wool form around the world to manufacture its carpets, which are installed in cruises, casinos and hotel chains worldwide, making Alarwool one of the world leading custom carpet manufacturing company.