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Agnes Kontra

Budapest, Hungary

"The basic characteristic of Ágnes Kontra’s paintings is a personal touch, most easily witnessed in the appearance of the hand movements, in the delicate tremors of brushwork, thus providing a counterweight the the seemingly reductionist system of forms. Its main subject matter is change itself, including its formal-visual terrain, the infinite series of atmospheric phenomena. The mood or emotion expressed on her paintings is never subjective, however; it does not derive directly from the psyche of the painter, but is rather transferred onto the canvas as a condensed form of the same, as a painting element. This spiritual reality does not just shock the spectator in its sensation of horror, but rather whisks him/her away from the medium of the real world to the regions of color, light, and in the end, of the soul."
The paintings inspired by personal experience, observations, indeed, the story I am living in on a daily basis. I look inward all the time and I find myself reaching the same destination, time and time again. It is my goal to lead the spectator to a world of fertile silence and forgiveness, a world that is replete with potential. The spaces of these realities can thus exhibit a connection; they can lead us to the energies of creation and vitality that throbs in all of us.
Wescover creator since 2020

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