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Afrocentric Keyy

Brooklyn, NY

"Unique oil paint portraits on recycled wood promoting uniqueness, strength & visual representation!"
Born and raised in Southern California I started my interest in the arts at an early age. I embraced my artist journey even more in high school while attending a performing arts high school. I continued my studies of the arts into college, and in 2013 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts with a minor in marketing. At the end of my college career, I found myself asking the question more " Where is the representation of my people or those that look like myself and my family?" And how can I create work that is both unique, empowering, and spark conversations? From this very question sparked the creation of Afrocentric Keyy!
Now residing in New York City I have developed a knack for expressing myself through vibrant use of color and creativity. My art has also allowed me to showcase in Australia in beautiful cities such as Sydney and Brisbane. Having the opportunity to travel; both national and internationally with my artwork; has opened a new door of opportunity and growth as an artist. I am an Eco-conscious oil painter who uses recycled wood as my canvas. By re-purposing these wood materials I am able to turn “trash into treasure” creating distinctive human figures and animal infused portraits. My focus is to promote beauty, strength, realness, and uniqueness in each painting. I want to evoke emotion and start conversations around art and visual representation of those from the African, African American, and Afro-Caribbean diaspora. Each painting is one of a kind and shares not only a small piece of my own story but the story of those that have come before me and who will proceed me. Afrocentric Keyy has become more than just a name and brand, it has become who I am; I am Afrocentric Keyy.
Wescover creator since 2020

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