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Adrienne Shishko - Art and Street Murals
Adrienne Shishko
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Adrienne Shishko

Brookline, MA

My serious commitment to art began in earnest after a series of varied work identities. from the buying offices of saks fifth avenue, to work as general legal counsel and director of marketing in the field of socially conscious investing, and then on to my most recent work as a personal fitness trainer and mom, i have worn many hats over the course of my professional career. in each of these roles, i have sought out and embraced the creative opportunities for artistic expression they offered. additionally, i have focused much of my free time on pursuing my lifelong inclination for creative and artistic expression. however, like so many artists, the demands of my professional life and my family left inadequate time to truly devote myself to these desires. nonetheless, all of these experiences are crucial parts of my journey of self discovery and have contributed to who i am at this moment and to the art i am now so passionate about creating.

Since making the commitment to pursue art as a full time endeavor, i have grown as an artist through ongoing study with a number of teachers in different media and techniques. all of these wonderful artists and mentors have impacted my work, my expression, and my skills in profound ways.

My art is a true expression of living in the moment. each gesture represents a different moment’s inspiration. my artwork is varied in subject matter, materials, color, and technique. it is a reflection of the variety of internal and external input that stimulates me creatively. at times my work is riotous with color and gesture reflecting my efforts to “take it all in and make some sense of it” and at other times it is more serene and reflective, limited in color, and a challenge to myself to work within some self-imposed boundaries. i also work with a variety of materials, primarily recycled, and deploy them together in ways that highlight their unique qualities. while the opportunity to give new life to recycled materials motivates me from an environmental standpoint, i also incorporate many of these fragments because they are autobiographical as artifacts from my day-to-day existence, reflecting what i’ve touched, seen, read, or admired.