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Adam Siegel

Chicago, IL

“Chicago artist Adam Siegel is nationally recognized for the breadth of his work as an abstract painter and photographer. Known for his large-scale works, Siegel presents a soulful refinement to the contemporary category. Influenced deeply by his time in Japan, the artist merges two distinct sensibilities—East and West—with compositions that showcase an elusive and elegant balance of both.

While Siegel has spent the last 39 years traveling, collecting, and creating a powerful body of work influenced by the visual poetry and elegant simplicity of the traditional Japanese aesthetic, he is also an artist of the modern day. Siegel has been experimenting for 15 years with a proprietary system using capture technology primarily used for military intelligence. Employing new technology and drawing from his collected imagery, Siegel creates paintings and collages that lend emotional resonance to both eras. His works meld the Internet's ceaseless capacity to stream constant images, while echoing the authority of anonymous histories and lost treasures. Experience has allowed Adam to master a technique where there is no trace or residue of digital technology. His compositions bridge new to old, high to low, reverie to the achingly simple.”
Wescover creator since 2018

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