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Abi Fantastic

Barcelona, Spain

"Live life on Sunshine Dust, work hard, PLAY HARDER!!!"
Hey guys, I am Abi Fantastic, an Abstract Expressionism painter, originally from Bournemouth, UK but currently living in Barcelona. I paint in a very bold, fluid style, using a range of media and materials to create very exciting, colourful and fun pieces, usually Untitled, leaving the interpretation to the onlooker.

I have been painting all my life and have had the pleasure to paint in many great cities around the world as well as some crazy remote places and it is indeed my passion. I also work as an installation Artist, working for Burning Man and various other amazing collaborators. I also run my own Music and Art event called Collaboration Station, which was started in the UK, but I have been running it in Barcelona the last 5 years. This is a platform to work with other amazing Artists to support each other and put on amazing events together.

I am very close to launching my new clothing collection 'Fantastic Fashions' using my paint designs and start printing them onto clothes, fabrics and and other things such as you beer cans!! I know this is an amazing way to get more of the world to see what I have to offer......

Thanks for reading! AF x
Wescover creator since 2020

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