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Aaron Darling

Austin, TX

"Custom art on interior and exterior walls, canvas, wood, and any other structures that would help promote eye-pleasing beauty"
My name is Aaron Darling. I have had the desire to make art in some fashion since I was 7 years old and discovered I could trace them freehand Sunday comics from the newspaper. Until I began painting at the age of 22, I studied graffiti without actual practice, made and sold drawings, signs, and hand-cut vinyl stickers with no formal training to guide my process. Once I moved to Austin in 2002, and saw the possibilities that painting (on a large scale) had to offer, the desire to create more and go bigger began to take hold. I painted my first painting in 2003 inspired by a friend and sold my first painting in 2004 after painting it in front of a live concert audience. This began to reinforce that desire to create but I wanted to be smart about the pursuit.
I married in 2005 and to build a secure foundation for success, I put myself through nursing school and acquired my Associates Degree in Nursing while still painting and building a network. This path helped form lasting relationships with people from every background. It made my artistic talents and gift of gab that much more personal.
I began doing custom paintings where I would interview the client so I that I may add different yet personal details to each piece. This fostered a better sense of ownership & intimacy with the piece by the client, making it theirs in more ways than one. I finally began painting murals in 2011 and have not slowed down ever since. I joined the SprATX collective in 2012 and the Hope Campaign in 2013. Both of these positions offered more opportunities to create more work to be seen in many different areas.
Now, having lived in Austin for over 18 years, I am proud to say I have been part of the growing art movement that has taken over city walls and landscapes. I have recently decided to pursue my artwork full-time while still doing nursing on an as-needed basis so that I may continue serving the greater Austin community in a more creative capacity.
Wescover creator since 2020

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