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275 Days - Paintings and Art
275 Days
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275 Days

Winnipeg, Canada

"There is an extraordinary story to be uncovered in all things."
Reymond Pagé is a Canadian artist whose work runs the gamut from high-intensity realism to ragged, dense abstracts. The simple world becomes the extraordinary through his painting, drawing, and photography.

His interests include trying to understand how the influence of hollow popular culture and power affect seemingly democratic societies, and how shamelessness and a misunderstanding of ego vs. intellect will result in a climate-fuelled armageddon. With increasing national extremism and over-the-top religious fervour, art's purpose as a tool for engagement is hardly required by those who seek to dominate the political and economic landscape. For those of us who do not choose that path, art can make a significant contribution to the enrichment of our existence as we seek to understand what makes us feel and respond. “My goal is to create work that is a fusion of what I glean from my reading on and observations of contemporary societal behaviour (for instance, trying to understand why people of means can close their eyes to death and suffering a few thousand miles away yet are enraged when gas prices rise before a long weekend) and my skill in making finely crafted drawings and paintings.”