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140 ideas / One for all ideas

Sofia, Bulgaria

"Streen art , Mural painting, Graffiti"
140 ideas is a crew of artists and followers, that work in the areas of contemporary and urban arts. After gathering their individual styles, the artists create a new symbiotic touch, which expresses the attitude of each one to the daily environment and nature. Throughout the years we worked on several projects associated with protecting the environment and enrichment of urban and cultural space. When our works are not on display in the galleries, our canvas are facades of private and public buildings and schools, as well vehicles of public transportation, sailing ships, or just desolated walls. The messages and themes of our works are noticed as well as in foreign media and publications and receive a large international interest.

140 ideas have behind their backs dozens of walls in Sofia and around the country of Bulgaria. However, lately they have been going abroad more and more often. You can see their work in a lot of European countries such as Netherlands, France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Albania and others.
In the last few years, we established and organized various big and small events and initiatives. In the summer of 2017, we released our bravest and most influential project We All Write.
Contemporary urban arts and muralism festival, that took a place in the beautiful town of Ahtopol and transformed it into the biggest collection of public urban art in Bulgaria and the town-the biggest open gallery.
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