Designer Kristina Kotlier Answers Ceramic Wall Art FAQ’s

Designer Kristina Kotlier Answers Ceramic Wall Art FAQ’s

Who is Kristina?

A staple of the ceramic wall art community, Kristina Arzaga-Kotlier is a strong, expressive designer. Her unique, clean style brings together lights and darks in a creative way. Intentional design is important to her – she involves the artistic and articulated process in her functional works of art. The digital process comes to life with smiling faces, clean lines, and a happy vibe, especially in her ceramic wall art.…

Creator Spotlight: Pandemic Design Studio

David Rozek

With a studio just half an hour north of Philadelphia, David Rozek of Pandemic Design Studio fills ceramic spores with small plantings to produce a series of wall hangings that can bring a room alive. He began his art career as a student of architecture, with furniture design as a side gig. Feeling much too cramped by office work at architecture firms, David finally moved to his current studio and debuted his products in 2017.…

Creator Spotlight: Nosheen Iqbal

pink and purple embroidered wall hanging
Modern Embroidery >

With a background in communication design, Texas native Nosheen Iqbal weaves her Pakastani heritage into each of her unique embroidery works. She has an impressive professional portfolio, having worked as a designer for brands like Fossil, DKNY, Armani Exchange, and Opening Ceremony. Nosheen has always found inspiration in the combination of differing material qualities, and has shown interest in miscellaneous pieces of fabric and mixed media tactility from a young age.…

Creator Spotlight: Oak & Vine

Sandstone Macrame Weave $450 >

Based in Palm Beach, Lauren Lewis of Oak & Vine balances her small fiber business with a full-time career in medicine. Beginning her practice with macrame forced her to challenge her own perfectionist habits, and let spontaneous creative flow dictate the process. Lauren remains flexible in her use of macrame; unique wall hangings are her star product, but she enjoys stretching the medium in other directions, like a wedding arch!…

Creator Spotlight: YASHI DESIGNS

Designer portrait

YaShi Designs is a fiber arts studio based in Milpitas, California. Working with ethically sourced fibers from India and the United States, artist Bharti Trivedi derives her inspiration from natural elements and weaves her sensory experiences in the wilderness into textured wall hangings to bring the outside in. Each piece adds a warm accent to a range of interior styles, whether it be a minimalist entryway or a beach house bedroom.…

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