Austin’s Hand-Crafted Ceramics are full of Rustic Design Inspiration

Austin Texas is a city full of artists. History, nature, and craftsmen have long played a hand in shaping this creative city. Austin was even poetically dubbed in the 19th century as ‘The City of the Violet Crown” for their earthen sunsets and heavy use of red granite. Today, Austin’s modern artists are making everything from music to wallhangings— but we’re particularly enamored with their clever use of clay!

Samantha Heligman of Settle Ceramics

Samantha Heligman of Settle Ceramics

Austin, TX

“I love working in Clay. It’s been my passion for ten years now. It lets me be a kid everyday. It challenges me and teaches me. “

What do you want people to feel when using your piece for the first time?

I want them to feel connected to it, like it’s going to be their most favorite cup or bowl.

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