8 Well-Designed Offices to Inspire Your Next Workspace Makeover

Good design creates inviting atmospheres that have a positive impact on our moods and experiences. This is why offices with a stimulating décor are so enticing. Offices with a honed aesthetic interior make our daily work commutes worth it. Here are 8 Wescover-worthy offices that have their employees raving. We are loving these inviting and stimulating office spaces:

Figma – San Francisco

Figma is a 5,000-square-foot headquarters at San Francisco, California.…

Top Wescover Creators from August

We’re so happy to see our community support and promote each other’s work! More and more Creators are connecting: interior designers are crediting artists, artists are mentioning craftsmen, craftsmen are referring to designers, and so on… it’s inspiring to learn how local spaces come to life and meet everyone involved! With all the creative kudos going around, more buyers are discovering our Creators and we’ve seen a rise in the number of Wescover visitors reaching out for custom commissions— cheers to all the people patronizing original artists!

This Week’s Top Wescover Maps

Maps were first created to give us direction. Getting lost and using a map to find your way back is an experience of its own. But with the rise of technology and easy access to the most remote corners of the world, the mystery, suspense, and excitement of finally finding the hidden treasure where “X marks the spot” has been lost.

Quotes from Christina Watka, Installation Artist

“Light makes a place special. I want people to feel a sense of optimism and lightness when existing with my work.”

Christina Watka — Installation Artist

New York, NY

“I’m often told that the work feels so much more wonderful in person, and this speaks to the reason I love site-specific work.”

“The outside, my grandmother, my son, repeated shape, light, and relentless joy inspires me.”- Christina Watka. Featured on Wescover.

“The outside, my grandmother, my son, repeated shape, light, and relentless joy inspires me.”…

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