Samantha Heligman of Settle Ceramics

Samantha Heligman of Settle Ceramics

Austin, TX

“I love working in Clay. It’s been my passion for ten years now. It lets me be a kid everyday. It challenges me and teaches me. “

What do you want people to feel when using your piece for the first time?

I want them to feel connected to it, like it’s going to be their most favorite cup or bowl.

Versatile & Stylish: Rex Kralj

All interior design lovers have a mental list of their to-go furniture designers. Off the top of my head, Rex Kralj is easily one of the icons. As someone who likes to constantly rearrange and switch up their home decor, Rex Kralj’s pieces are perfect solids to bring the room together in sophistication and stability.
Pictured above are two black Mosquitoes and Table CC in Scandinavian ambient.

Emerging San Francisco Floral Designers: Wallflower Design

Wallflower Design, a new addition to our map, was founded in 2014 by Eleanor. Eleanor is a Bay Area Native, and developed and managed the floral department at Bi-Rite Market prior to launching Wallflower Design.
Floral arrangements have distinguishably unique depending on the designer and his/her sources. Floral designs can bring an air of the tropics, of elegance, of autumn, of lust, of celebration, as the finishing touch to any space.

Ronel Jordaan: Wool Magician

Ronel Jordaan of Ronel Jordaan Textiles has been a textile designer for 26 years, but it was in 2003 that she began to turn fine gossamer thread (fine spider silk) into her signature creations.
Her famous Rock Cushions are hand felted with Merino wool by artisans in a women’s workshop she set up in Cape Town, South Africa. Who knew a rock could be so comfy?

Beautiful Porcelain Find: Santimetre Studio

Tulya Madra, founder of Santimetre, is currently based in New York but originally from Ayvalik –an Aegean coastal town of Turkey. It is out of a small porcelain manufacturing and woodworking studio in this coastal town that sources the products that are sold in her retail store that recently opened in April 2016 in Soho, NYC. There you can find a wide range of original and handmade tableware items and kitchen utensils.

Ranran Design – Interior Designs With a Sense of the Natural

When you scroll through Ranran Design’s page on our map, you can’t help but notice the elegant commission piece for Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. This macrame with beautiful blues created for Robert De Niro’s first Hotel located in Ibiza, Spain reminds us of the ocean and sand. Just like this — Ranran Design manifests the natural outdoors into your interior walls, bringing a breath of calming nature into your space.

Max Ehrman (Eon75) – San Francisco Muralist

Watch Max’s mural unfold in this video piece, capturing the bustling energy of the streets of San Francisco through the lens of Max’s artistic journey.

Max Ehrman (Eon75)

San Francisco, CA

Max Ehrman is an architect that went rogue to become a muralist/teacher. His large-scale, colorful works span 4 continents. Watch as Max paints the bustling energy of San Francisco streets from atop a crane!…

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Paper Mills, Inc – Redefining the Block Printing Landscape

Amy started Paper Mills, Inc to focus on her passion of block printing, creating coordinated fabrics along with wallpaper.

Amy Paper Mills, Inc.

Eco-Friendly Custom Wallpaper

Grass Valley, Ca

Amy started Paper Mills, Inc to focus on her passion of block printing, creating coordinated fabrics along with wallpaper. What you find within her creations are not the fast-paced digital patterns that are churned out by many designers today, but a slow meticulous one-of-a-kind craftsmanship.…

Fefo Studio – NY based Argentinian chef & artist

“I don’t consider myself a ceramicist, I just have curiosity for the process of transformation, that is my passion. This also occurred when I was a chef and baker.”


New York, NY

Featured in dozens of publications including the New York times, Argentinian chef and artist Fernando crafts everything from ceramic tableware, lighting, to jewelry. Get behind-the-scenes with this insider video to meet his assistant and see his craft in action.