Luxury Comfort: Leather Chair Q&A

If anyone knows luxury, it’s Jover+Valls based out of Alcoi, Spain. They have an incredible ability to not only source the highest quality materials, but produce the highest quality leather chairs and furniture. Craftsmanship is at its peak when Jover+Valls are involved, whether they’re using their expertise to develop a brand new, one-of-its-kind piece, or reimagining a classic element. Their clean, unique style truly sets them apart from a crowd. …

Jeff Schlarb: Art-Forward Interior Design

Jeff Schlarb is an award winning interior designer, with an art-forward design aesthetic. He has been described as a “modern-day maximalist” with an exuberant style that blends the classical with the contemporary and often includes daring uses of pattern, color, texture and art. In addition to Jeff Schlarb Design Studio, Jeff owns a luxury home staging company called Green Couch, so he has a deep appreciation for and understanding of designing spaces that set the scene for living well.…

The Craft of Seaweed Design with Jasmine Linington

by Caroline Knapp

Jasmine Linington and Seaweed Ripple No. 1

Coastal dwellers and innovative design lovers might know that seaweed is the next big thing. It’s fast-growing and surprisingly used in many different industries, including the worlds of art and interior design. Creators around the globe are swapping out their usual art materials and exploring renewable resources instead – seaweed is one of these unexpected mediums!…

Wescover Connect: Bringing Creators Together

Designed to skip the middle-man and allow creators to have control over their space, Wescover’s online marketplace has been a staple in interior design since its founding. One of our biggest missions is to ease the transition from designer to consumer, by opening up a direct line of communication, and a revolutionary shopping experience from start to finish. Wescover recently hosted Wescover Connect: A VIP one on one online meeting event. …

From Street Trash to Funky Decor

by Caroline Knapp

Adir Yakobi transforms street trash into resource-efficient furniture and lighting. During the first COVID-19 lockdown, he found himself inspired to work with what he had. Yakobi scrapped various materials and bore the sustainable “Unknown Collection” after wandering streets, visiting hardware stores, and exploring his studio’s leftovers.

With idle time, many of Yaboki’s Unknown Collection concepts were imagined while making birthday gifts for family and friends.…

Embracing Bold Design with Geometric Rugs

We wanted to learn more about geometric  rugs, so we reached out to the experts at Atelier Tapis Rouge.
Googie Rug

Geometric rugs can bring your space alive, while still blending in with  neutral and modern decor. These hand-woven, custom designed pieces will brighten up even the darkest of rooms. We wanted to learn more about geometric woven rugs, so we reached out to the experts at Atelier Tapis Rouge. Their expert team of color specialists, artists, and interior designers come together to create one-of-a-kind pieces.…

Slow Design: Innovative Creators Leading the Movement

Caroline Knapp, Digital Media Manager

Do you ever wonder what your household furnishings are made of? Supporting Creators that value eco-friendly and sustainable materials is the next step towards mindful consumption. This list of eco-conscious finds takes “slow design” to the next level. Artists and designers have become increasingly innovative with their use of materials – plant pulp, bottles, corrugated cardboard and bamboo are just a few examples.…

The Craft of Marble Tables

How does one describe marble tables? Grand, elegant, and unique would suffice. How do these beautiful, marble-carved pieces come to be? We asked LAGU. The best way to describe the Istanbul-based brand is classical, timeless, and romantic. The Founder and Designer, Ufuk Ceylan, feels the same. Aiming to rejuvenate styles of the past and bring one’s eye to even the smallest details, Ufuk truly has a craft for his work.…

Dani Boyd on Eclectic Interiors

Design Ambassador Dani Boyd shares her tips on creating an Eclectic Living Room with some of her favorite pieces from Wescover

Dani Boyd Eclectic Living Rooms
Wescover Design Ambassador Dani Boyd

We recently sat down with designer Dani Boyd of Dani Boyd Design in Los Angeles to talk about how she approaches designing a space that feels fresh, modern, and likewise, eclectic. 

If you haven’t met Dani, check out our previous article and meet some of our Design Ambassadors

Dani is originally from Brazil where she practiced architecture and developed a passion for interior design.…