Organic Modern Design with Emily Taber Moore

By: Morgan Young

“Organic modern design is defined by a minimalist approach utilizing natural materials, organic shapes, pops of color, earthy ceramics, and clean lines. I love this collection of unique pieces as it represents a balance of nature and modern aesthetics.” — Emily Taber Moore

Combining a modern, minimalist style with natural materials and inspirations, organic modern design provides a grounded take on modern aesthetics that complements any space. The following pieces bridge the gap between modern design and natural beauty. These pieces are earthy yet sophisticated, bold yet minimalist, and modern yet classic. 

Mayan Bottle- 2 by KilnGod Ceramics

Inspired by Mayan pottery, this bottle has a rustic feel with a contemporary look. This piece will enhance any decor with its unique, modern shape and earthy color. The bottle is crafted by KilnGod Ceramics, made to honor and enhance the rhythms of home life.

Aliaa Table Burl Version By REJO studio

REJO is a design studio based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Gaza, Palestine that creates bold pieces inspired by different countries, cultures, and lifestyles. The design of this table was inspired by the symmetrical Stepwalls in Jaipur, India which feature stairs in a charming, geometric, zigzag pattern. 

Isla Bronze Glass Mirror #4 by Cheyenne Concepcion

This minimalist, irregularly shaped bronze glass mirror is inspired by the topography of the Philippine diaspora. It is made in New York by Cheyenne Concepcion, an artist who aims to bring visibility to Filipino-American craft and culture through mixed-media sculpture.

Aster Chair by Model No.

The Aster Kids Chair draws a smooth, modern silhouette while providing a durable seat. Crafted of sustainable 3D-printed plant-based resin, this modern seat gets top grades for its strength and striking design. The chair is from Model No., known for artfully designed custom furnishings made sustainably on-demand in the US.


This one-of-a-kind piece is made from hand-shaped, mouth-blown glass. Its design is in the style of classic minimalism and is inspired by nature and its phenomena—specifically fog and dew. BAIBA GLASS specializes in hot glass techniques and glass tinting that can be described as ‘paintings in the glass.’’

Dry Coral - Sculptures by CSOSA ceramics

This sculpture is handmade, using an ancient coiling technique, to mimic the unique shapes of dry coral. It is a stunning conversation piece that adds a bold, earthy element to any room. The sculpture’s creator, CSOSA ceramics, is inspired by the marine landscape of their childhood home of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.

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