Embracing Abstract Rebellion with Aleea Jaques

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Discover the vibrant and playful world of Aleea Jaques, an abstract artist who defies conventions and embraces boldness. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the journey of an artist who stumbled upon her passion by chance and carved her own unique path in the art world. From hand-painted glassware to captivating canvases, her style captivates viewers with spirited colors, toy-like shapes, and a touch of rebellion. Join us as we explore the inspiration, creative process, and exciting upcoming projects of this visionary artist.

How did you initially get into the art world?

I accidentally found art one night while painting on flower pots at a friend’s house. I painted through the night, and the next day I went to a flea market and bought old furniture, vessels, anything I could paint on, and I would sell these pieces through local stores. I painted my designs on walls, window sills, and floors. Let’s just say my landlord wasn’t pleased! When I started painting on glassware, I was amazed when boutiques and department stores across the country were placing orders. I had to hire artists to paint my designs just to keep up with the demand. When hand-painted glassware wasn’t a thing anymore, I turned my brush to canvas.

"Blue" Original Abstract Face Painting by Aleea Jaques
"Blue" Original Abstract Face Painting by Aleea Jaques

What kind of art do you create and how do you describe your style?

My biggest seller is my abstract face collection called, Picasso’s Cronies. These faces are spirited and loud with color. I use toy-like shapes in my paintings, drips, splatters and texture to capture a playful feel. As a woman, I often feel I can’t be bold or direct with my opinions for fear of appearing “unlady-like.” My art is my rebellion! I like to create art that makes a home memorable, one that really stands out. My collectors have sophisticated interiors, so my art is a nod to their sense of humor. It’s like they are saying, “Yes, I have a big fancy house, but I don’t take myself too seriously.” I named my abstract face collection Picasso’s Cronies because I have always been inspired by Picasso’s disregard to “the rules” – a lip here, a nose down there. When I look at my own works I see that I am bringing his cronies to life in my own way. I’m reminded of the eccentric characters Picasso would banter with in Paris’ smoke-filled bars. Those artists, authors, and musicians are often my muse.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from interior design. I love to look through shelter magazines and see well-dressed rooms juxtaposed with whimsical art. Whenever I see a room, I want to paint a piece to hang in that room. For example, when I see a room with a black marble fireplace and periwinkle barrel chairs, I can’t wait to get to work and create a piece that would look stunning over the fireplace.

"Thelma" Original Abstract Face Painting by Aleea Jaques
"Thelma" Original Abstract Face Painting by Aleea Jaques

What is the process like for starting a new piece?

I start a fresh new canvas by scribbling with crayon or some other marking tool to loosen up. Then I’ll add big brushstrokes of color, any color because at this point it’s not so much about the color, but the composition. Eventually, the painting develops a personality without much influence from me. This is my favorite phase because my logical brain has gone to lunch and I’m just playing in the sandbox unsupervised. The bigger the canvas, the more room to play!

"The Painter" Original Abstract Painting by Aleea Jaques
"The Painter" Original Abstract Painting by Aleea Jaques

What are your most common commission requests or what is your favorite kind of commission?

My favorite kind of commission is when a client likes the feel of another painting I have done and trusts me to capture it. It’s impossible to duplicate or even replicate a painting, as I’m an intuitive painter, and they know that. So just understanding what they are telling me, with a few specific colors is a great start. It’s even better when they don’t specify too many colors so that I can work out which of those colors want to play and which don’t. My commission requests run the gamut from “paint whatever you want” to “I want it to look like this, but different.” In the end, it’s about taking the time to really understand what the client wants and going a little beyond that so that their expectations are surpassed and they are thrilled with their painting.

"Flowers for Henry" Original Face Painting by Aleea Jaques
"Flowers for Henry" Original Face Painting by Aleea Jaques

What has been the most fulfilling part of being an artist? 

Every day that I go down to the studio, I feel like I’m walking into a box of crayons. I’m surrounded by color. I’ve got all my favorite toys around me: brushes, palette knives, mark-making tools, jars and tubes of paint, and stacks of blank canvas. I’m so grateful to do what I love and spread joy to others. There is nothing better than getting an email from a collector expressing the joy they felt pulling their painting out of the box and loving it even more in person than when they purchased it online.

"Houston Cafe" Original Acrylic Painting by Aleea Jaques
"Houston Cafe" Original Acrylic Painting by Aleea Jaques

Do you have any exciting new pieces or projects in the works you can tell us about?

I am working on a new series with a focus on family. This new series will be based on prior works that have sold, like Clowning Around, Party of Five, DysFUNctional Family, and The Sisters. I love to paint multiple faces and I envision these large scale paintings in breakfast rooms, dining rooms, and living rooms – pretty much wherever a family gathers. I can see people coming to me wanting an abstract of their family. In the meantime, I will be creating works with two to seven faces on one canvas that people can purchase.

I’ll also be working on a collection of paper pieces I hope to launch soon. These are still originals, but the price point is affordable to a new group of collectors.

I recently vacationed in Florida and was so inspired by the bright colors and beachy vibe. I’m currently working on a piece with surfboards, Floridian colors, and a very abstract family. I saw amazing artwork at The Boca Raton, the hotel we stayed in, and it has always been a dream of mine to venture my work into hotels.

This summer I will be expanding my East Village collection, which is edgier than my other collections. East Village is inquisitive to the viewer and the restraints are blurred. You will see one eye, maybe two, a pair of lips, perhaps a hand, but no distinguishing face. This collection is really about pushing past preconceived ideas of what my collectors are willing to bring home. It’s risky, but I have to see what’s in me.

"Gossip Girls" by Aleea Jaques
"Gossip Girls" Original Abstract Painting by Aleea Jaques

To learn more about Aleea Jaques, check out her Wescover Creator page.

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