Wescover Spotlight: Lundstrom Interiors

Esther Lundstrom is the Founder and Owner of the Santa Monica based Interior Design Studio, Lundstrom Interiors LLC. She focuses on creating spaces that find a cross section between creativity and lifestyle bringing a multi-layer sensory experience while giving back to our environment by making sustainably responsible choices. In a recent project, Esther sourced art from Wescover Creator Mariana Baertl now featured in Architectural Digest Spain and Italy!

Learn more about this Esther’s work and her inspiration around this project:


What was your design inspiration for this space?

“My client’s love for color and the home’s existing architecture inspired me to create something unique. The design came together through mood boards I created.”

     Lundstrom Interiors

What inspired you to shop from an independent artist?

“Finding something truly unique and one that was custom made for this project was really important to me and the home owners. Everything I proposed had special attention to detail and shopping from independent artists vs. retailers made that possible.”


What attracted you to Mariana Baertl and her art?

“I’ve long been an admirer of fiber art. Marianna’s art is fiber art on canvas which made it possible to place the canvas anywhere. In this project, I placed Marianna’s art above the fireplaces of both the home’s main room and the main bedroom. Mariana’s art has beautiful colors, thoughtful composition and material play that instantly elevated the space brining visual interest.”

Lundstrom Interiors Lundstrom Interiors

Where can people find your work?

“People can find my work on instagram @lundstrominteriors and on my website www.lundstrominteriors.com

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