Ooak Design’s “DOT dot” Collection

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Ooak Design, founded by Sebastiaan van Beest, lives up to its unique name standing for “one of a kind.” Sebastiaan’s vision encapsulates a world where design is sustainable, equitable, and modern. Part of his design process lives in the music world, where he began producing music at just 20 years old. In addition to the inspiring design process, his pieces are surpassing high expectations. Ooak Design won the Golden A’ Design Award for the year 2021/2022. Wescover is thankful to work with some of the most forward thinking creative minds, including Sebastiaan who is one of our newest Creators.

His new “DOT dot” Collection’ is a culmination of sleek design and futuristic innovation. Using elements of negative space, dark reflections, and multifunctional design, the “DOT dot” Collection is remarkably unique while still being able to mesh well with any décor style. The featured pieces, like the DOT dot Bench that contains inspiration from one of a young Sebastiaan’s toys, all have an inspiring story and purpose. Wescover is excited to learn more about this new collection, so we interviewed Sebastiaan.

The A.R.T. edition of the “Miru Accent Table”

What is the “DOT dot” Collection? 

Well I wanted to do something with simple shapes. I spent a lot of time searching for inspiration and then I landed on the shaper toy I used to have as a kid. You know, that cube with all the different shaped holes in it which you had to put the correlating shape into. As a child you learn which hole each shape goes into, but of course at first you try the wrong ones. As for the name, well I built the bench first and once complete, it looked to me as three dots on a rectangle.

The Dark Side Table

What interior design style works best with this new collection?

I envision these pieces in a minimalist space where black is in the forefront along with wood, concrete and nice bright green plants. Lots of natural light to enhance these tones and lessen the impact of all the black. Big open spaces with properly placed pieces that showcase themselves.

The “DOT dot” Minimal Coffee Table

Tell us about the DOT dot Minimal Coffee Table.

I like to design pieces that use sustainably sourced and recycled materials when possible. I try to use the least amount of material in every piece to keep them “airy” and light, but still have a big impact. 

The table is built from recycled steel plate with sustainably sourced ebonized oak top. To make sure the weight of the table doesn’t damage the floor, I attached leather strips that wrap around the sides which I attached using brass Chicago buttons for a subtle yet sophisticated touch. I think they really pull the piece together and make it feel and look complete.

The “DOT dot” Minimalist Multifunctional Stool

Tell us about the DOT dot Minimalist Multifunctional Stool

This was the third piece in my three piece line of sleek minimalist furniture. I designed it to look like a stool as well as an accent table. This unique design is built from all the same materials as the other two pieces with the only difference being that I made the back of the stool round instead of all 90 degree angles. I also cut a little piece out of the base to allow for light flow and to break up the slightly industrial feel of this piece.

The DOT dot Bench

Tell us about the DOT dot Bench

This was where it all started, the first piece in the new line. I set out to make just one single bench, but once completed, I loved the style so much that I decided to create two more pieces around it.

Depending on where I go from here from a design standpoint, I may make a few more pieces to add to this line. I’ve had a few ideas floating around for an armchair/lounger as well as a dining room table. All these pieces are built to last! They are quite heavy due to the solid steel plate, but heavy is good!


Miruna Alexandru (CFO/Muse) & Louis (Official Mascot/Food Monster) on the DOT dot bench

Ooak Design: What does the future hold?

I never stop designing, my mind never sleeps. That may come from the fact that I suffer from ADHD. I would like to point out that I am also a huge advocate for people suffering from ADHD.

It can be a very detrimental crippling disability if not diagnosed and treated accordingly.

Once it is treated accordingly, a whole new world opens up and you are able to function at a level you never thought possible, almost like a normal person, but better.

My dream is to eventually open a not for profit school for the gifted children that have been diagnosed and to really help them understand that their disability is not that, but rather a huge advantage, they just need to have people that understand this teaching them the things that they are interested in and really help them flourish in their craft and life. Not everyone is meant to be a doctor or a banker, some people just need to create and happiness comes from doing what you love amongst other things of course. 

Were it not for my better half and business partner supporting and believing in me even when I did not, and pushing me to be better, I would have struggled to get where I am today as a designer and as a person. The struggle to improve never ends, may that be for my designs or my personal improvement, it’s a continuous journey.


Sebastiaan van Beest (Founder/Creative Director) in the award winning Minimal techno Armchair

Ooak Design comes from a place of hope.

I’ll end with this piece of advice: Never be afraid to ask for help, there is always someone that is willing to help you no matter what. Be humble, lose your ego! I can not stress this enough. No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone better. Learn multiple disciplines. I for one love to paint, I produce electronic music that is actually ok to listen to, I sculpt, I like to write from time to time. All these different disciplines will help you hone your craft and open up new ways of looking at things that you could not see before trying something new. 

Life is just one big lesson and there is so much to learn. Learn from your mistakes. I have made so many in my life and continue to, every single day, they have been the biggest learning moments of my life every single time.

Now go out there and create beautiful pieces that will inspire others!!!

Thanks again to Sebastiaan for your kindness, expertise, and dedication to not only Wescover, but the future of interior design. Using superior design techniques, we’re sure Ooak Design will become a household name. To shop the “DOT dot” Collection, be sure to stop by Ooak Design’s Wescover Page

No matter your design style, Wescover has it all. For more of our innovative pieces, see all of our benches and ottomans here.

Published on Nov 3, 2022

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