Modern Wallpaper By Jill Malek

Modern wallpaper is a beautiful, classic way to upgrade your home. Firstly, modern trends show that the versatility and artistry of wallpaper is bigger and better than ever. With modern wallpaper designs, artists like Jill Malek build the perfect background to any space. Important distinctions in Jill’s work include the touching, soft nature of humanism, and how stories can be told through her designs.

Based out of New York, NY, a high-end feel is key to her beautiful, flowing wall coverings. Above all, Jill’s passion for her work radiates through her pieces. In addition to her skill, she promotes sustainability within the creator community. Wescover wanted to learn more about Jill Malek’s design process, and moreover, how to best showcase spaces using her unique, creative expertise. 

So, we asked her all of our modern wallpaper questions!

Aegean in Ocean

Where do you gather inspiration for your wallpaper designs?

Most often, I’m inspired by soft, moving forms in nature that tell a story. Whether I’m witnessing the sun setting, the glow of the moon, light reflections, migrating birds, landscapes and rock formations….these are all poetic moments that I try to capture in my work.

Yellow Magnolia Café Custom Mural

What does the wallpaper design process look like? 

I always start with a concept and a story I want to tell. From there, I create mood boards that include different colors, shapes, textures and emotions. I typically will sketch out ideas and then flesh out patterns on the computer to create large-scale compositions. The most laborious part of the process for me is making sure that colors are both easy on the eyes but also create a striking balance together that will draw people to them. Consequently, I am stickler about color!! Achieving the right tones that blend together is a very necessary process for me.

Migrations Wallcovering

What interior design styles do your wallcovering work best with? 

I am partial to working with designers that have a more modern, contemporary and minimalist style. I enjoy when wallpaper is used as an artistic accent intentionally, rather than thrown together in a sea of competing visual languages. 

Reflections in Honeygold

What are the most common spaces people can find your wallpaper in?  

I often partner with commercial designers that use my wallcoverings in lobbies, restaurants and work spaces. I also collaborate with residential designers who use my patterns within their powder rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms within their clients’ homes.

Tides | Coal

What are modern wallpaper trends in 2022? 

There has been a push towards natural objects and biophilia – the desire to connect with nature and bring the outside in. I think colors and organic shapes that are reminiscent of objects in nature are big…warm tones that bring calm and make us feel alive! 

Currents | Atlantis

Whether you’re searching for a smooth, silky gradient or a bold, bright pop of color, modern wallpaper is the best way to upgrade your space. With modern trends flowing towards nature, long gone is your great-grandmother’s outdated wallpaper. Some of Wescover’s boldest, most unique wallpapers are linked here in our Bold Wallpaper You Can’t Miss Collection. Is something subtle is more your style? Check out All Wescover Wallpapers

Thanks to Jill Malek for your kindness, expertise, and willingness to share your love of creativity, art, and human design. We are looking forward to seeing your latest and greatest yet! Be sure to stop by Jill’s Wescover Page to shop her current offerings.

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