Interior Design Perspective: Avery Frank

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Avery Frank Designs

Drawing on his experiences traveling around Europe, Avery Frank approaches interior design like a tailor fitting a suit. He’s creating cultured interiors with unique elements. This designer assembles rich fabrics, modern colors, and custom elements into elegant structural interiors. While we’d describe his work as classic, he always surprises us with how textured and multi-tiered each space becomes. We were excited to hear how he feels about spaces, collaborations, and unique interior elements.

Q: Not everything in a space has to be designer, but we all hope to have at least a few special pieces. What unique or custom elements of art/design do you think are worth buying? 

I’m a huge believer in gorgeous fabrics: the feel, the sheen, the smooth hand. Whether you’re buying a new piece or just found an antique gem, adding a truly custom fabric that speaks to you is so important. It gives the room character and a story!

Q: As a professional interior designer, you play the role of visionary, curator, and project manager. What aspects make it challenging to find unique art/designs? What’s good and bad about the process of working with Creators on custom pieces?

Some clients are easy to pin point: they may flat out say, we want clean lines, modern, go! Others are tricky, you have to get a sense for what they value, what they find appealing and their sense of comfort! Then you can take that knowledge and say: I know just the brand for their dining table, and I’ve got three fabrics that they will love for the chairs.

Q: How often do your clients request something unique or custom? What do they typically ask for and what are their criteria/priorities for bigger budget items or focal pieces?

I think my clients are more willing to spend a bit extra on something hand made, not spit out in multiples for a store. They love the idea of choosing their own stain, selecting different legs for a sofa, etc. Usually they request one or two stand out, unique pieces per room, as a focal point and conversation piece.

Q: Does buying unique make a positive global impact? How do interior designers play a role? 

Absolutely, because it encourages a piece that can be handed down, easily updated with new fabrics or paint, and is built to last! I really try to aim for non-disposable furniture.

Q: While they’re both creatives, Creators sometimes don’t understand the challenges of accomplishing projects as an Interior Designer. Do you have any advice for Creators (like painters or furniture designers) who’d love to connect and collaborate with designers like you? 

Always ask questions! An antique dining table may be an inch shorter than new ones, so that means custom chairs for it may need to be altered as well! A contractor should always communicate well with their designer, you may need outlets that are hidden by a piece of furniture, etc.

Q: What are your top 3 favorite items or Creators you spotted on Wescover?

I love the Black Rain Sconce, the Harlow Pendant and the New Wave Optic Wall Sconce.

Published on Oct 16, 2020

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