Bring Home Handmade Tableware found in Michelin Star Restaurants

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Handmade tableware by MaryMar Keenan as seen in Bellota SF >

Michelin Star restaurants have a secret to setting the perfect table: locally made ceramics. In our earlier interview with 4 Michelin Star Ceramicists we learned more about their process. Artists and chefs collaborate closely to design each element. Each piece has to be balanced, durable, and aesthetically beautiful. On top of being a gorgeous canvas for their food, handmade tableware ends up and actually longer lasting than off-the-shelf plates. It’s no surprise restaurants are opting to commission their own perfectly crafted and totally unique dishes. Here are some of our favorite tableware picks many of which are featured in Michelin Star and James Beard Award winning restaurants!  

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MaryMar Keenan, San Francisco

MaryMar’s earthen tableware breaks away from traditional white glazes found in fine dining like her Dinner Plates and Salad Plates. Her work is found in James Beard award winning restaurants.

Stone + Sparrow, Pittsburgh

At Stone + Sparrow, tableware is “Made well, to ware well.” Creativity is definitely at the forefront of design, as exemplified by these Small Speckle Bowls and New Amsterdam Plates.

Mieke Cuppen, Netherlands

International tableware designer Mieke Cuppen values utility above all. However, she doesn’t compromise style for function with these unique plates like her Texture Plate Chuva and Gastro Rectangular Plate., Delray Beach, FL strives to make sophisticated tableware that still cherishes the simple things in life. See this Cake Stand and Salad Bowl inspired by “A homemade cake by grandma or cozy dinner parties with friends and family.”

Kristina Kotlier, Los Angeles

Kristina Kotlier is an architectural designer and ceramic artist with a strong design-build background. Her expertise in the design field and emphasis on creating unique items can be seen in this Lenny Lemon Bowl and Utensil Holder.

Cóte García Ceramics, Brooklyn

Cóte, a trained Interior Design, turned to pottery as an outlet and soon took on the work full time. Her pieces are in demand for their clean lines and outstanding craftsmanship. We love her Angular Bowl and Teal Espresso Cups.

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Len Carella, San Francisco

This fashion designer turned ceramicist made a name for himself in the Los Angeles and San Francisco with his Michelin Star winning designs. We love his Ceramic Plates and Espresso Cups with Saucers.


Like Chefs, we believe that unique and locally made pieces make all the difference. High-quality designs are personal, beautiful, less disposable, and support authentic creators!

There are over 2,900 more unique, handmade tableware pieces to discover! Connect directly to get your own and support original artists on Wescover.

Published on Oct 10, 2020

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