Elizabeth Prince Ceramics Creates Whimsical Wall Installations

Elizabeth Prince Ceramics creates sculptural art installations that are a masterclass in form and design. Her process is cathartic as well as meticulous. This is because Elizabeth Prince hand forms each ceramic piece in an authentic manner. Furthermore, the porcelain’s journey from earth to finished sculpture is a difficult one, with every step of the process carefully fulfilled.

In the beginning, there is just wet clay.

Melanie Biehle: The Color Science Behind Abstract Painting

Melanie Biehle creates beautiful abstract art that elicits powerful emotions. Her paintings utilize the theory of color science, which makes them strong and enticing. In this way, her works create a unique visual experience that goes deeper than the canvas. 

Using her degree in Psychology, Melanie is able to convey specific emotions in her paintings. For example, using blue generates feelings of serenity while yellow represents energy and positivity.

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