Serving Spoon Styles: 14 Designs for a Unique Kitchen

By: Wescover

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a href=””>Brass Minimalist Circular Serving Spoon Brass Spoons by Aron Fischer of Facture Goods >

A serving spoon is a great way to add unique design elements to your kitchen. Even more, they’re both stylish and functional!

When it comes to stunning interior design, the trick is in the details. And unfortunately, dinnerware is a largely overlooked aspect of a kitchen or dining room’s design. However, contrary to popular belief, they are essential to a stylish dining experience! It’s true, a gorgeous set of utensils or a breathtaking serving spoon will effortlessly upgrade your dinner parties. This is largely because it’s something that everyone at the table engages with. So make sure you have serving spoons that will leave a lasting impression!

Furthermore, an interesting serving spoon can add a dash of character to a space. And, these Creators craft unique spoons through a variety of methods so there’s a design to suit every aesthetic. You’ll find carved wooden spoons, brass spoons and even uniquely painted ceramic spoons! For every type of dinner or occasion, we have a perfect and personable serving spoon for you. Here are the Creators re-imagining what a serving spoon can be.

Curvaceous Brass Serving Spoon

Curved Brass Serving Spoon
Brass Serving Spoon by Erica Moody | Fine Metal Work at a Private Home in Waldoboro >

Decorative Skull Spoon

Decorative Skull Spoon
Skull Spoon by Elan Pottery at a Private Home in Frederick >

Bare Wood Ginkgo Spoon

Hand Carved Ginkgo Spoons
Ginkgo Spoon by woodappetit at a Private Home in Paris >
Brass Sugar Spoon by Erica Moody | Fine Metal Work at Penland School of Crafts in Bakersville >
Carved Textured Wooden Spoon with Circular Head
Spoon by woodappetit at Restaurante Aborigen Cocina de Archipiélago in Santa Cruz de Tenerife >
Painted Fish Porcelain Spoon
Spoon rest illustrated “Mare Nostrum” by Letografia at aPrivate Home in Madrid >
Wooden Serving Spoon with Center Spine
Spoon by woodappetit at a Private Home in Cantabria >
Rough Rustic Hand Formed Spoon
Pinched Spoon by Tara Underwood Pottery at Mount Mitchell >
Ceramic Pinch Spoon in White
Handmade Ceramic Pinch Pot and Spoon by Smooth Ceramics at a Private Home in North Fremantle >
3d Cartoon Spoon in Ceramic
Cassie Spoon by Dolcezza Pottery at a Private Residence in Midland >
Painted Ceramic Sea Shell Measuring Spoon in Pink, Blue with Gold Accents
Oyster shell and bird measuring spoons set by BIRDCANFOX at Anthropologie in San Francisco >

Wooden Serving Spoon with Hanging Hole

Hand Carved Wooden Serving Spoon
Handmade Wooden Spoon by Handmades by Honkey at a Private Home in Monterey >
Abstract Ceramic Face spoons
Face Spoons by Lucy Baxendale at a Private Home in Hereford >

A good serving spoon beckons all diners into a communal experience. It is the one tool that passes through everyone’s hands. In this way, the design style dictates the mood of the dinner. These Wescover Creators have crafted spoons in their own unique styles, and they have a spoon for everyone and every occasion!

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