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K’era Morgan is creating fresh works of woven art and textiles that will bring texture, color, and life to the forefront of your design. Her use of intricate patterns and attention to detail creates unique visual experiences. And even more, they are all well designed. Several can even be hung from the wall to create a stunning accent feature, and she even paints custom murals. All of her designs can quickly transform a room and can be incorporated into any space, including work environments! 

This Creator’s wall hangings, pillow covers, prints, and other works are also widely affordable. Therefore, they are a great choice for the budget conscious designer. This also creates the opportunity to mix and match several of K’era’s designs for a unique look. They are especially great for creating Boho style!

Did you know woven works of art are a two for one deal when it comes to designing a space? They provide both style and function! It’s true, tapestries and textiles bring warmth into a space and create a cozy feeling, all the while providing high end design. These pieces will effortlessly enhance any aesthetic and create an engaging ambiance. In this way, these pieces are sure to bring value to your home and to your life by creating a relaxing atmosphere. Hear what K’era had to say about her innovative artistic process!

Abstract Woven Wall Hanging
Marea Woven Wall Tapestry by K’era Morgan at a Private Home in Santa Monica >
Abstract painted textile wall hanging
Woven Wall Tapestry by K’era Morgan at a Private Home in Santa Monica >

What’s unique about your work?

My work is how I process the world around me. My vision is just as unique as each individual on this planet and as a result so is my creative work. Although the tools or the techniques I employ may not be very different from other artists, my work is a direct reflection of what is swirling in my head subconsciously or the mental state I’m in. My textiles are an extension of that as my original artworks are the basis for my ever growing textile collection of home decor items. I love seeing how a piece of work can change when it’s woven into a throw blanket or pillow, for example and how people interact with it.

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

I want to draw them in with color and allow them to create their own story about what they are seeing. Most people also say they feel a sense of movement in my pieces which is deliberate as well. Although I value stillness especially since in modern society we have challenges with simply ”being” and are always doing I always come back to this idea that even in stillness everything is changing.There is movement but a shift in energy or possibly it’s a change of heart or thought.  Therefore, movement or dynamism is a common attribute in my work.

Indoor abstract mural, earthtones
Homestead Wall Mural by K’era Morgan at a Private Home in Santa Monica >

What is your favorite material to work with?

I use collage in my work a lot therefore, I would have to say paper and especially found paper that I source from various places including recycling bins, my own library of used books, magazines that friends actually gift me and even junk mail.  

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your process?

My process is unique in the fact that I don’t work from sketches or studies. I generally never have a plan of a final piece and allow my intuition to guide me each time I enter my studio to work. 

abstract woven textured blanket

textured abstract pillows and blankets
Pillows and Textiles by K’era Morgan >

What funny moments, unexpected surprises, or obstacles have you encountered?

Ever since I started my textile home goods collection I’ve had a dream of working with artisan collectives in various countries to create special collections and products. Until recently that seemed so far out of reach for me. However, on a recent trip to Mexico I stumbled across a boutique with stunning woven items. I struck up a conversation with the owner about textiles and our shared mutual love of global textile traditions which lead to her to connect me to a weaving collective in Oaxaca that I’m currently working with on a project. Talk about an unexpected surprise!

What motivates and inspires you?

I draw my inspiration for my creative practice from the world around me. Everyday I am motivated to do what I do because I love it (most days!) and it’s hard to imagine doing anything else. It hasn’t been all rosy but I keep going because I’ve seen others that were brave enough to pursue their dreams succeed on their own terms. I am motivated because I want other Black and POC to recognize they too can do this should they have the desire. 

painted newspaper abstract collage

mixed media piece with collage and abstract paint














2 mixed media abstract prints in red and blue
Arco Iris and Marea by K’era Morgan at a Private Home in Austin >

What makes a space special?

The energy of a space is what makes it special. The intention behind a space can be felt energetically and I think whats in the space such as furniture or the various material surfaces can help support the flow or maintenance of energy. 

How did you discover Creators (designers, artists, makers, etc.) and keep your community growing?

I discovered Creators through a friend and fellow artist. Although my community of fellow creators is small it is mighty in the sense that the support and camaraderie I receive is priceless. 

abstract watercolor print
Print by K’era Morgan >
Vibrant Mixed Media Print
Ripening of Compassion by K’era Morgan >

When Creators work with Interior Designers, what elements of your collaboration best compliment each other? Any traits or commonalities that excite you?

For me, nothing is more exciting than seeing a space come together which is an obvious commonality that I share with Interior Designers. Furthermore, hanging artwork is usually the icing on the cake or the cherry on top that will make a space unique to it’s owner. It’s the part where everyone involved usually gets pretty excited. I also feel there is a mutual respect for our respective crafts. When a designer comes to me to commission work it shows a level of trust which is always humbling. 

Is there an essential mix of talents you need to create a space?

Visualization is huge as is flexibility and resilience and creative problem solving. 

Dynamic Mixed Media Wall Hanging

Bold Tumultuous Mixed Media Wall Hanging
Custom Woven Wall Tapestry by K’era Morgan at a Private Home in Rochester >

Woven works of art, bright and intricate prints, and layered textiles combined together can create an entire design for an interior space! In this way, K’era Morgan is a one stop shop for your interior decor needs. Explore all of her available designs and get inspired by ideas for a comfy, stylish, and functional space!

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