Cork Decor: A Humble Hero in Sustainability

By: Wescover

cork designs

Cork is gaining popularity as an extremely gentle, sustainable material in engineering, art and design. The material is somewhere between softwood and foam. Cork is harvested gently from ancient cork oak trees. It is an incredibly resistant and durable material. Cork can give creative structure to a piece, act as insulation, and even can be waterproof. It can also act as a sound dampener and flexible floor and wall treatment.

Creators love using this eco-friendly material to create furniture, product designs, fine art and more. NASA is even using cork as space shuttle insulation! We have compiled a group of items that underlines the versatility and the beauty of cork.

1. Cork Helmet

cork furniture

Cork Helmet by Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte at Bon Jour in Brussels, Belgium >

2. Cork Planters

cork vases & vessels
Modern Cork Planters by Melanie Abrantes Designs at a Private Residence in San Francisco, CA >

3. Cork Side Table

Custom Cork Furiture
Custom Cork Side Table by YEILD at CasaCor Miami, Florida >


4. Cork Coffee Tables

cork furniture

cork furniture
Flora Coffee Tables by DAM at Cartuxa Winery in Évora, Portugal >


5. Cork Sculpture

cork sculptures
Cork Dice by Eugene Stoltzfus at Plant Seven in High Point, North Carolina >


6. Cork Lighting

cork lighting
Large Cork Pendant by Wiid Design at a Private Residence in Cape Town, South Africa >

7. Cork Floor Treatment

cork interior design

Cork Floor Accent by H2R Interior Design at Brew Cafe in Dubai, UAE >


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