Macrame Art You Can’t DIY: 50 Fiber Art Designs that Take Macrame to the Next Level

Custom Wall Macrame
Schofield by Sally England at Kimpton Schofield Hotel in Cleveland, OH

These Wescover fiber artists are giving macrame art a modern revival. From sustainable fibers to vibrant dip-dyed threads, each piece has unique textures and patterns that fit every interior design style. It’s true, from Scandinavian design to Boho chic, there is something for every designer!

There are so many innovative styles of macrame art that we hadn’t even dreamed of. In this way, these artists have the perfect solution for your space in need of a decor upgrade by using macrame art trends that are evocative of 1960’s counter-culture. However, despite their retro roots, handmade woven wall hangings are now a staple of contemporary bohemian decor. 

Even if you’re a DIY master, these works of art take macrame to the next level. And while our at home craft projects do a decent job of hanging our plants or covering empty walls, true fine and expertly crafted fiber art pieces are at the top of our wish lists. 

While not every one of these designs fits perfectly into the “macrame” category,  it’s the natural materials and sculptural complexity in all of these pieces that we adore. From textile rugs, to fiber art wall hangings, to woven chandeliers, there’s sure to be something for everyone in this list. Check out macrame art and fiber art designs from our favorite Creators and prepare to be inspired!

Rope Macrame Art by Windy Chien

We love Windy’s work, especially “The Year of Knots” in which a knot was added every day for a year. This fiber artists uses ropes in her designs ranging from large woven wallhangings, to macrame room dividers, and even macrame chandeliers! Her works become the heart of the space they occupy and they bring playfulness, warmth, and high end style to their interiors.

Woven Rope Wall divider
Rope Frameworks by Windy Chien at Combine in San Francisco, CA
Black rope wall hanging
Circuit Board – Black by Windy Chien at Checkr in San Francisco, CA
Rope chandelier
Helix Chandelier – White Windy Chien in San Francisco, CA
Rope Diamond Wall Art
Diamond Ring by Windy Chien in Los Gatos, CA

Single Fiber Wall Art by Lauren Williams

Lauren Williams is a Texas based fiber artist who specializes in suspended, single-fiber, Canvas With Movement® strands. Her works are brimming with life and color, and they bring a sense of character to a space. Lauren has completed several commissioned works and can customize a wall hanging tailored to your own personal style. In this way, each style is entirely its own and creates a unique ambiance that can be customized to fit any home. 

Extra large layered textile wall hanging
Commissioned Tapestry by Lauren Williams at a Private Home in Austin >
Circular layered textile wall hanging
Circle Tapestry by Lauren Williams at a Private Home in Los Angeles >

Large-scale Modern Macramé by Sally England

Sally England works with soft sculpture by exploring a new form of macramé: knot-based textile construction. Working out of Ojai California, she creates incredibly unique fiber art works. By using neutral tones, her work brings an earthy feel to a space. This helps create a down home vibe!

Macrame wall hanging
Macrame by Sally England in Ojai, CA

Fiber Art by Molly Haynes

Molly Haynes is a New York- based fiber artist who strives to honor the natural materials she uses in her works. Her efforts and extreme attention to detail are evident. The results are one of a kind works of art that compliment large spaces and can be hung in a variety of ways!

Custom Malibu inspired Macrame
Malibu Pier Macrame by Sally England at Malibu Farm Pier Cafe in Malibu, CA
Custom Macrame Room Divider
Controlled Landscapes by Molly Haynes at 150 Varick St in New York, NY
Tassel macrame wall hanging
Cliffhanger by Molly Haynes in Brooklyn, NY

Colorful Chromatic Textiles by Mariadela Araujo

Mariadela Araujo creates vibrant and eccentric woven street murals. That’s right, textile street art! While this is something we’ve never heard of, it’s right up our ally. The bright blocks of color she uses create beauty and bring a fresh energy to their public locations.

Color block textile installation
Textile Installation by Mariadela Araujo in Campos, Spain
Colorblock macrame tapestry
Tapestry by Mariadela Araujo at WeWork Carrer de Pallars in Barcelona, Spain

Rainbow Fiber Art by Erin Barrett (Sunwoven)

Erin Barrett is a fiber artist and textile designer based out of her home studio in Charleston, South Carolina. Her works are lively and vibrant and bring a renewed energy into a space. These works are perfect for any room in need of a pop of color or a little added character! And even more, they are each entirely unique.

Rainbow textile wall hanging
Rainbow Weaving by Erin Barrett (Sunwoven) in Charleston, SC
Rainbow woven wall hanging
Textured Tapestry by Erin Barrett (Sunwoven) in Charleston, SC
Woven textile wall hanging
Woven Wall Hanging by Erin Barrett (Sunwoven) in Los Angeles, CA

Modern Macramé by Emily Katz

Modern Macrame by Emily Katz does custom work and looks beautiful in every space. See more of her designs for everything from hanging planters to macrame pillows. You’re sure to find something to fit the design of your space. Find the perfect accent feature for your living room wall, a beautiful macrame installation, or a woven chandelier for above the dining table!

Abstract hanging woven macrame installation
Macramé Installation by Modern Macramé by Emily Katz at Ralph Lauren in Beverly Hills, CA
Modern Macrame
Macrame Installation by Modern Macramé by Emily Katz in Atlanta, GA
Macrame chandelier installation
Macrame Installation by Modern Macramé by Emily Katz at Light Lab in Los Angeles, CA

Macrame Wallhangings by Timber and Torch

Timber and Torch is a Los Angeles-based company. The founder, Nikki, uses wood and tassel like features to create these unique wall hangings. We especially love her use of black fiber that gives her work a bold and modern flare. Even more, Nikki donates 10% of all sales are given to the A21 campaign to end human trafficking. So in addition to getting a beautiful macrame wall hanging, you’re also supporting an important cause. 

Black Knot Macrame
The Cora by Timber and Torch in Newport Beach, CA
Small black macrame
Hendrix Wall Hanging by Timber and Torch in Encinitas, CA

Indigo Dyed Macrame by Maya Slininger

Maya Slininger is a Los Angeles based fiber artist specializing in handmade, indigo dyed works and fiber arts. Her wall hangings often have a very soft touch, often using fibers that emulate feathers! We love these works and think they would work perfectly as nursery decor, or as an addition to a Boho style home. 

Indigo feather macrame
Macrame by Maya Slininger Los Angeles, CA
Geometric Macrame
Caspian by Maya Slininger at Muse California in San Anselmo, CA
Layered macrame
Layered Macrame Wall Hanging by Maya Slininger in Winnipeg, Canada

Natural Style Macrame Art by Free Creatures

Free Creatures is an Oregon based artist who takes inspiration from the natural world that surrounds her in the Pacific Northwest. Many of her works feature animal inspired artworks, some even featuring elk antlers! This creates an innovative visual experience. We can’t help but think of the outside world when we see these works, and they are a great option for bringing nature vibes indoors.

Elk antler macrame
Wall Hanging Macrame with Elk Antlers by Free Creatures at EAST in Miami, FL
Custom rope macrame
Manila Piece by Free Creatures at Four Seasons Resort at Ko Olina in Kapolei, HI
White macrame
Custom Macramé by Free Creatures at Cafe Gratitude in San Diego, CA

Natural Material Macrame by TexturizeYourEyes by Amber Kokenge

Amber Kokenge is a weaving artist from Minneapolis. She focuses exclusively on the use of naturally and humanely sourced materials consisting of both organic and recycled compounds. In this way, you can be assured that your beautiful wall hanging is also sustainable and largely eco-friendly!

Colorful macrame
Custom Macrame by TexturizeYourEyes by Amber Kokenge in Dallas, TX
Rainbow cloud macrame
Rainbow and Cloud Macrame TexturizeYourEyes by Amber Kokenge in Brooklyn, NY
Blue and white macrame
Agate Inspired Blues Macrame by TexturizeYourEyes by Amber Kokenge at Botanic and Luxe in Santa Cruz, CA

Minimal Hand-Made Macrame Art by Macramania

Macramania is a Phoenix based company that specializes in hand-made macrame. These works of art reflect classic Macrame style and are perfect for an array of different interior designs. They can easily compliment Boho style, but can also compliment rustic, minimal, and Scandinavian style homes. Choose the perfect style for you from Macramania’s large selection!

Classic macrame
Kate by Macramania in Beverly Hills, CA
Classic macrame
Samantha by Macramania in Scottsdale, AZ
Blue dyed macrame
V by Macramania in Phoenix, AZ

Watercolor Textile Wall Decor by Clementine Studio

Have you ever thought of combining watercolor with woven art? We didn’t even know this was possible! Clementine Studio is a watercolor and textile artist who creates wall decor with a message. These beautiful designs truly resemble watercolor paints on textile, making these woven designs a two for one deal. Even more, they convey positive messages that add to their beauty.

Tiger watercolor macrame
Woven Watercolors by Clementine Studio in Chicago, IL



Indigo Fiber Art by Lookout and Wonderland

This fiber artist uses a resist technique and indigo dyed projects to create a unique look with an innovative technique. Located in Los Angeles, these works emulate the beautiful colors and flowers of California. They are also an easy way to upgrade your space. Even more, their indigo hue will bring a calming element and create a relaxing atmosphere!

Indigo Dyed Macrame
Indigo Dyed Macrame by Lookout and Wonderland at The Butcher’s Daughter in Los Angeles, CA

Asian Style Macrame Art by Himo Art

Inspired by Asian culture, May Sterchi creates unique pieces of art inspired by scenery and stories surrounding Mt. Fuji. These Asian style macrame works create a calming and inviting ambiance that welcome you in and also tell a story. We especially love the bold lines and intricate patterns that are both engaging and breathtaking, and will add a stylish edge to your interior design. 

Macrame wall hanging
Kagetsu no.3 by HIMO ART in San Diego, CA

Organic Wall Art by Ranran Design

These pieces emulate inspiration from nature and the tropics with a vintage feel. With a modern twist, they were created in Barcelona by Belen Senra. They reflect the beautiful coastlines of Spain, and are often full of color. Belen’s macrame style is light and airy and allows them to fit seamlessly into minimal, Boho, or contemporary design!

Extra Large Macrame
Fiber Art Commission by Ranran Design by Belen Senra in Miami, FL
Multicolor macrame
Mid Century Macrame Fiber Art $600 by Ranran Design by Belen Senra in Denver, CO
Ocean inspired macrame
Ocean Macrame Fiber Art $550 by Ranran Design by Belen Senra in Bali, Indonesia

TANU Handwoven Textiles

TANU is a Santa Fe based textile company that creates beautiful custom rugs and wall hanging textiles. These works are geometrical in nature and bring an abstract element to a space. This makes them perfect accent features and an easy way to elevate the decor of a room. Make sure you check out all of the textiles TANU has to offer!

Geometric wall hanging
Wall Hanging by TANU handwoven textiles in Santa Fe, NM

Chunky Knit Wall Art by Broadwick Fibers

Broadwick Fibers specializes in chunky knit wall art and blankets that look oh so comfy! If your space is lacking in coziness, these textile works are sure to bring in copious amounts of warmth and comfort. With their lush texture and warm hints of color, these wall art designs, blankets, and other textiles will bring balance to your interior design. Try layering them for a unique Boho effect! 

Rainbow fiber art
Fiber Wall Art by Broadwick Fibers in Denver, CO
Fiber art
Fiber Wall Hanging by Broadwick Fibers in Denver, CO
Macrame art can come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs. We feel so lucky to have all of these amazing fiber artists on Wescover, and we can’t wait for you to find the perfect macrame for your space. Find something you love? Head over to Wescover and explore everything that our fiber artsits have to offer and get ready to elevate your space!

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