17 Weird and Unusual Designs That Inspire Creativity

Which comes first in the design process: form or function? Is ornament obsolete? Is minimalism the best for a cluttered world? What is the role of playfulness in making? What makes an object stand out? We picked our favorite objects that answer and challenge these questions of formal design elements. Which one inspires you to challenge the norm?












Soul Seat Chair by Health By Design







THIN Multiples by Juniper at 68 33rd Street, Brooklyn, NY



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36 Unique Gifts for Design and Art Lovers

We noticed that people with an eye for design are excited to bring home a few types of elements in 2020! Shopping for an art/design lover is easy if you know what types of objects to look for. These are popping up over and over again as coveted art/design objects for 2020. Start with these categories to get a sense of what kind of gift to give.…

Eye for Design: Brian McCarthy

A former partner of the legendary design firm Parish-Hadley; the founder of his own immensely successful design firm; a proud member of architectural digests’ AD100 and Elle Décor’s A-List; and the author of Luminous Interiors and Parish Hadley Tree of Life- with a CV like Brian J. McCarthy’s, it no surprise that he is one of the most respected designers in the industry.

Surreal Pastel Pop Art: Meet the Mashup Master Paul Fuentes

If you’ve ever seen a giraffe driving a miniature car or a snake with floral patterned skin, you’re tripping on Paul Fuentes’ work. The photographer and graphic designer combines objects, animals, and pop culture into pastel-toned imagery that’s wonderfully absurd and unexpectedly inspiring. Prepare yourself for a rush of euphoria because you’re about to meet Paul Fuentes (well, kinda)…

Paul wants to remind adults that the world is fascinating and fun. …

Ceramic Giveaway! Hurray for Small Business Saturday

For this year’s #smallbusinesssaturday we’re celebrating with a giveaway —inspired by the story of Sven…

Win the Starry Night Mug! Details to Enter at the Bottom!

12oz Starry Night Mug by Sven Ceramics at The Wescover Gallery

SVEN Ceramics is a little company of two: Mallie and, of course, Sven. Sven started doing ceramics when he was a kid and eventually took college level courses to hone his skills.…

6 Unique Kitchen Cabinets to Upgrade Your Design

Kitchen cabinets are a major part of a home’s design. Not only do they provide storage, they’re a necessity that can have a large impact on the look and feel of your space. Kitchen cabinets often get overlooked as a key element of interior design because they are usually thought of as being part of the architecture. But the truth is, cabinets are a vital and rudimentary aspect of the kitchen and require intricate joinery and expert wood working.

The First Wescover Gallery: Celebrating Context & Collaboration at WCC

Our community created a first-of-its-kind experience at West Coast Craft this year— the Wescover Gallery! Hopefully the first of many, we were thrilled to help some local creators get exposure and generate awareness for our entire Creator Community in-person and online.

Inside a private room off of the WCC main floor, our space brought together fine art and design objects by 30+ local Creators.…

Cozy Kitchen Lighting: 9 Unique Pendant Light Fixtures to Inspire 2020 Kitchens

There’s one interior design element that can quickly upgrade any kitchen: a new light fixture. Good lighting is everything —especially when setting the mood when dining at home. While a full kitchen remodel may not be on the agenda this season, a new pendant light over your countertops can brighten the mood while cooking. Winter is coming and we’re going to be spending a lot of time cozy in our kitchens this year.…

Design Scout Spotlight: Michele Varian

Michele Varian is a superstar in the design community. From creating her own interior design line and retail shop, to being an avid small business and design community activist, to winning multiple design awards from IFDA, Architectural Digest, and ELLE– Michele has done it all.

Michele’s initiative to support the design and creative community is particularly inspiring. Michele currently co-runs Guesst.co

Design Scout Spotlight: Often Studio

If you’re up for discovering more creative spaces around Brooklyn, Design Scouts Ashley Coppins and Chelsie Starley will show you where to go.

Ashley Coppins (right) and Chelsie Starley (left) of Often Studios as seen on wescoverAshley Coppins (left) and Chelsie Starley (right) of Often Studio

As the founders of Often Studio, the duo has an eye for design destinations and talent for capturing them. With Chelsie behind the camera and Ashley as the stylist, these two are certainly using their talents for good whether they’re creating visual campaigns for clients or supporting local artists with Wescover, “As creatives, we are inspired by the brands we work with.”…

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