Wescover Lighting Creators You NEED to Know

By: Wescover

Tala's Lights at Hackney Coffee Company
  1. Heather Levine

    Heather Levine’s wall hangings and lighting both came from playful dawnings. The lighting began form her perforating a globe, while her modern wall hangings came from collecting and arranging lamps’ cutouts.

    Heather Levine's Pendant Lights in Venice, CA
    Heather Levine’s Pendant Lights in Venice, CA

    Wescover Page: https://www.wescover.com/creator/heather-levine

  2. Gabriel Scott

    With backgrounds in architecture, industrial design and jewelry-making, Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler bring a multidisciplinary set of skill and style to the furniture & lighting world as GABRIEL SCOTT.

    Gabriel Scott's Lighting in New York
    Gabriel Scott’s Lighting in New York

    Wescover Page: https://www.wescover.com/creator/gabriel-scott

  3. Blom&Blom

    Blom & Blom is about two brothers who share a passion for unique items. These items are epic in their origin and design, and each with its own story to tell. Items are often overlooked but always have a hidden potential, calling out to be discovered and appreciated.

    Blom & Blom's Laboratory Glass Beaker Lighting at Generator Hostel
    Blom & Blom’s Laboratory Glass Beaker Lighting at Generator Hostel

    Wescover Page: https://www.wescover.com/creator/blom-and-blom

  4. Atelier de Troupe

    Atelier de Troupe works closely with the interior trade, collaborating with design professionals throughout the specification and design process. In addition to their existing collections, they offer a range of custom services and products, providing the resources for an individually tailored service.

    Atelier de Troupe's Brass Pendant LIghts in Cafe Gratitude
    Atelier de Troupe’s Brass Pendant LIghts in Cafe Gratitude

    Wescover Page: https://www.wescover.com/creator/atelier-de-troupe

  5. Propellor Design

    Propellor is an independent, Vancouver based multi-disciplinary design studio. They thrive on the challenge of creating useful, beautiful and ecologically minded objects and experiences. Their work spans a broad range of disciplines from lighting and furniture design to spatial design and sculpture.

    Propellor Design's Meridian Pendant Lights in Calgary, AB
    Propellor Design’s Meridian Pendant Lights in Calgary, AB

    Wescover Page: https://www.wescover.com/creator/propellor-design

  6. Ironware International

    Original designs hand forged in Normandy, France, hand finished in Nashville, Tennessee.
    Ironware's Acadia Chandeliers in St. Helena, CA
    Ironware’s Acadia Chandeliers in St. Helena, CA

    Wescover Page: https://www.wescover.com/creator/ironware-international

  7. Tala

    Tala is an award-winning lighting brand, founded on the premise that good design can help mitigate climate change. From their London-based studio, we explore the tension between sustainability, technology and design through our wide-ranging collections.

    Tala's Gaia Lights at Hackney Coffee Company
    Tala’s Gaia Lights at Hackney Coffee Company

    Wescover Page: https://www.wescover.com/creator/tala

  8. Tracey Kessler (TKID)

    An interior designer, fine artist and product designer. After a 25-year career in the design industry, Tracey is now focused on fine art.

    TKID's Cage Lite at Fast Food Francais
    TKID’s Cage Lite at Fast Food Francais

    Wescover Page: https://www.wescover.com/creator/tracey-kesslertkid


    We all believe our primary goal is, and should always be, to produce good design. For JUNIPER, that means reducing their products to their truest and simplest form. It means innovating not for the sake of it, but to solve problems in the way that can improve our lives while reducing demands on our environment.

    JUNIPER's THIN Lights in Brooklyn
    JUNIPER’s THIN Lights in Brooklyn

    Wescover Page: https://www.wescover.com/creator/juniper

  10. Robert Lewis Studio
    Robert Lewis Studio is a design workshop in Los Angeles creating custom fabricated light fixtures for residential and commercial use. Collaborating one-on-one with the client, designers and fabricators, each project is highly tailored for the site.

    Robert Lewis's Chandelier at the Durham Hotel
    Robert Lewis’s Chandelier at the Durham Hotel

    Wescover Page: https://www.wescover.com/creator/robert-lewis-studio

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