All About Images “In-Context”

Images “in-context” show your item in its real-life setting.

Images In-Context

What makes a good Design-In-Context photo?

Your item is in the center, with other design elements around it. For example, if you created a wall hanging that’s now in a boutique hotel room, the image would show your piece in the center, with the bed and side table in the frame as well.

Why show Design-In-Context?

Context shows how your work fits into the world. Other design elements and styles in the photo inspire us to imagine it in new settings. Crediting the space shows who you’ve worked with, how your creation fits in, and where it lives now.

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What if I don’t have photos of my sold works?

We can help find photos for you! Just email us who may have images (like space owners, gallerists, and past buyers) and we’ll ask for you. Email us:

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