Traveler Tips: Where to Look for Design Inspiration and Support the Local Art Scene

Everyone is embracing a trend to support local artists— and we’re thrilled about it!  At home and abroad we’re gravitating towards restaurants and hotels that uniquely embody their surroundings. Spaces like these are the places we fly around the world for and draw inspiration from. A traveler survey even showed that 70% of travelers decide to stay based on the design of the space.

Coastal Livin’ Mood Board

The celebration of nature, easy breeze, and ocean blue. We love the relaxing Coastal Livin’. Coastal gives the comfortability and warm welcoming to a home. From the baby blue pendant and blue-green geometric tile to the seashell white chair, the ocean is calling us to embrace its purity and coziness.





Palm Leaf  – Honey & Bloom


Sierra Dining Chair  – Croft House


Macramé Wall Hanging – The Catskill Kiwi


Custom Ink Blots Wallcovering – Porter Teleo 


Pondering Planters – Kimberlie Wong



Acapulco Chair by Innit Designs 


Diamond Twist Tile by clé tile


Cobalt Blue Ombre Plates by Little Fire Ceramics



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The “Aesthetics of Joy” Inspired Us to Look at Local Interior Designs Differently

In the TedTalk “How Joy Hides and Where to Find itIngrid Fetell Lee (author of the new book Joyful) explains that, unlike happiness which is measured over time, joy is an in-the-moment experience. Elements like “colour” and “abundance” can be used by artists and designers to create experiences that move us to emotion— and impact us greatly over time.…

Nude Mood Board


Home is where you can let go of everything just like a couch without any decorative motifs, a wall without any stains, a light that shoots out the clearest reflection, and a painting that pleases your eyes. This is the home without burdens. Nude interior uses creamy white and cheeky pink colors to remind us of the “au naturale” human instinct that focuses on the simplicity and seamlessness.

Austin’s Hand-Crafted Ceramics are full of Rustic Design Inspiration

Austin Texas is a city full of artists. History, nature, and craftsmen have long played a hand in shaping this creative city. Austin was even poetically dubbed in the 19th century as ‘The City of the Violet Crown” for their earthen sunsets and heavy use of red granite. Today, Austin’s modern artists are making everything from music to wallhangings— but we’re particularly enamored with their clever use of clay!

Matthew Thomas – Creator Takeover

Matthew Thomas’ works are known from television sets to hotel interiors. With a wide array of captivating paintings, Matthew specializes in creating 2-dimensional work in digital, oil and water-based mediums. He uses materials in their raw form whether it be pigments, wood species, or varnishes. Matthew took over our Instagram story and we got a look at his workspace and his process.

Unique Gift Items Under $200 by Local Artists

*You can find more creators near you on Wescover. Just click the black “inquire” button to ask about a gift!

As design lovers, we search for unique and lasting gifts. We’ve seen how vintage pillows, handcrafted tableware, and contemporary lighting have brought a cozy and refined vibe to spaces around the globe. There’s something about cozy lights, warm mugs, and hanging garlands that gets us in an extra creative gift-giving mood.

How a Local Landscape Inspires Designers

At its core, a city palette is the physical backdrop of a city: the color tones, textures, and materials that it employs. As a traveler, design-hunter, and writer, I find myself wondering, “How do you characterize the palette of each city? How can different cities inspire me?” They’re shaped by so many different forces, yet, block-by-block, they share a palette of colors, textures, and styles of architecture.…

Industrial Modern Moodboard

When we think of Industrial Modern Interior Design, we think of metal accents, neutral color palettes, sleek surfaces, and open spaces. A style that has traditionally occupied modern infrastructures and loft apartments is now spreading to everyday living spaces through the incorporation of these industrial elements. Want to turn your home into a space that favors function just as much as style?
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