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Lolita Floor Lamp

Nika Zupanc, Lighting
Dream Downtown, Lodging, New York

The Lolita Lamp is an exquisite new creation from the Dutch design house Moooi. The Lolita Floor Lamp was designed by the Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc for Moooi in the Netherlands. Moooi's Lolita is a wonderfully stylish and very unique lamp with lots of personality. It is is made of injection molded ABS and polyurethane. The shade has been specifically designed so it can be tiled to a 45 degree angle. The attractive Lolita lamp shade is characterized by a dainty polka dot edge which gives it a striking look. This stylish floor lamp will add sophistication and elegance wherever it is used. The Moooi Lolita Floor Lamp is available in 4 colors and an inside shade color in white, enhancing the beauty of a room with its delicate downward lighting.

Smoke Wing Chair and Ottoman

Maarten Baas, Chairs
Gramercy Park Hotel, Lodging, New York

The overstuffed lounge chair in each guest room looks as if its black-charred wood frame (preserved with clear epoxy) only barely made it out of a four-alarm fire. This chair, specially designed by Dutch artist and product designer Maarten Baas, is akin to many of the pieces in Baas's popular "Smoke" collection.

The Babysitter

Sharon Shapiro, Art & Decor
Common House, Restaurant, Charlottesville

The impressive oil painting on canvas titled "The Babysitter" is a refreshing sight at the study room in the Common House. Created by Sharon Shapiro, this salmon-colored piece of art work, stood out amongst others. Her works blur and transgress the boundaries between the human and natural world. Sharon typically portrays opposing forces, like both gentle and abrasive, fantastic and real, dangerous and safe.

Triad & Dyad Light Fixture

Apparatus Studio, Lighting
The Marlton Hotel, Lodging, New York

For communal lighting in the lobby area of the Marlton Hotel, they chose Apparatus Studio's Triad & Dyad Light fixtures. Drawing on trigonometric principles, these fixtures are a study in repeating triangular and conical shapes. Solid brass, or with hand-cast porcelain cones that emit a delicate glow.

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